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Why Macos Updates Might Brick Your Mac?

Updating macOS with the latest version is highly recommended as it improves your user experience and strengthens the security protocol. However, updates are not only related to your OS as Apple also focuses on the firmware update to improve the efficiency of their system. If you have an apple device not older than 3 years, chances are very high that you are not going to face any problem. However, people who are using older hardware often face severe performance issues after a major update. Though we are optimistic that Apple will fix the bugs soon, still we don’t know the exact waiting period.

We all know the Monterey update has brought many new changes to the macOS. The security protocol in web browsing and email has been improved significantly and the users now have the option to delete their data without going through complex processes. However, before you update your mac with Monterey, you need to consider some key performance issues, or else you might brick your mac. Let’s get into the details.

Hardware compatibility issue

The Monterey update might be extremely well optimized still you need to consider some critical issues. For instance, you need to check your mac version. If it is older than 2017, you need to be very cautious about the macOS update. The older device tends to have some compatibility issues with the major hardware components. For instance, if the graphics driver fails to sync with the latest driver, you no longer have a soothing experience with the user interface. Before you update your macOS to Monterey, we strongly recommend that you check Apple’s official forum about the compatibility issues.

Security issues

Some people use low-end third-party antivirus programs to reinforce their macOS security. Having a low-end antivirus program installed in your mac can be lethal for the Monterey update. Try to source the best antivirus program to ensure efficiency and avoid compatibility issues. Install antivirus software to protect your Mac from a trusted source. It’s true most of the major macOS update significantly improve the security protocol but having low-security software installed in your device can create a massive software clash. It might result in an unresponsive device.

Cause of brick

You might be wondering that what causes the brick to older devices after the Monterey update. According to Apple, the problem lies within the T2 security chip firmware update. It’s good news that Apple has already figured out the root of this problem and we might fix it real soon. However, fixes might not be a perfect solution for Macs that are older than six years. Hardware components more than six years of old might not be a good match for the new Monterey update even though it might run well.

Driver issues

We should not blame the conflict of the T2 security chip as the major cause for such brick. You need to understand that GPU needs a very efficient driver which gets updated in each macOS update. If you are facing problems mostly related to GUI, there is a small chance that your graphics driver is suffering from driver compatibilities issues. Usually, such issues are solved by the Apple developers within a very short time. However, it would be wise not to instantaneously go for the update until Apple fixes some of its major bugs.

Ports related issues

After updating to Monterey, the users have reported that some of the ports are not working properly. The problem is mostly associated with driver-related issues and Apple should give us a major bug fix on these. Some of the newer devices from 2019 are also facing the same problem. Though the Monterey update is related to new and has some major improvements, the bricking issue has become a major problem for the users. Some of them are waiting for a stable version of this macOS Monterey update.

What to do?

If you read the post from Apple forums, you might be surprised to know that people are having problems with their logic boards while trying to update their macOS. In some cases, the cost of replacing the logic board might exceed $600. Paying such a heavy fine just for the faults of the macOS Monterey update is very sad for the new users. However, those who have already paid close attention to this article must have realized some of the common problems that you might face after the update.

Those who are stuck with bricked macOS, should not try any aggressive means to make their device function. It would be wise to contact the Apple customer support team as they will give you the best solution. Unless you are sure about your actions, it would be wise to seek help from professionals as they can reduce the hassle and cut down your repair cost.

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