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Jennifer Capriati Net Worth post will discuss her career, various sources of income and personal life, read to know more.

Do you know who Jennifer Capriati is? Why are people searching for her in recent days? She is the world’s famous former tennis player who was born in the United States

Many tennis fans want to know about her and her career history. If you are also interested in knowing, continue to read this post until the end to know the details below. Read some facts, professional life, Jennifer Capriati Net Worth, and sources of income?

Who is Jennifer Capriati?

Jennifer was born to Stefano Capriati and Denise on 29 March 1976, in New York City.

People know her for acquiring the Australian Open, three Grand Slam championships and the French Open. She is also the world’s best tennis player ranked 1 according to the World Tennis association list in 2001.

From the early days, she had an interest in playing, and her parents gave her training. When she was 13 years old, she started playing, and when Capriati was 14 years, she became the youngest player to be in the top 10 of the French Open.

Before jumping to Jennifer Capriati Net Worth, let us explore her career first.


In the starting days of her profession, she reached two finals but unfortunately lost. However, the success was not so far from her, and she got her first win that year. She beat Zina Garrison to record the win in Puerto Rico. 

Later, she achieved 13 Singles in different years, from 1991 Toronto, Canada, to 2003 New Haven, United States. In addition, she is also the winner of the French Open in 2001 and the Australian Open in 2001, 2002.

Moreover, the winning history also includes a gold medal at Barcelona Olympic Games 1992. Several other activities contribute to Jennifer Capriati Net Worth; let us see more.

More from her career

Jennifer Capriati is one of the powerful players who emerged in the early 1990. Her flat forehead and powerful groundstrokes were her biggest weapons. Capriati was prompt and could play as an offence as well as a defence, but the biggest weakness was serving.

However, her tennis career was short and ended in 2004 due to several injuries. But she did not stop here; she also appeared in the reality show “The Superstars.” Though she could not continue for more than two episodes, it definitely aids Capriati net worth.

What is Jennifer Capriati Net Worth?

Jennifer Capriati is No.1 on People with Money top 10 highest-paid tennis players of 2021. The net worth is approximately an estimated $46 million from various sources.

Her other sources of income were from restaurants, stock investment, property holdings and a fashion line called “Jennifer Capriati Seduction.”

Personal life:

In 1993, she came to public news because she was charged with shoplifting. Later in 1994, she was caught for drug dependency and took a 14 months break because of tennis burnout. She took a counselling program, and in 2010 she took treatment.


Through this post, we are able to explore Jennifer Capriati Net Worth, her career and various sources. In 2012, she also got into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. She is currently single and happily living in her Florida house.

Read the full biography about her here.

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