The website cinejoia.tv primarily works as a review website. We publish well researched and genuine articles and reviews about websites and products, among others. We also frequently publish eBooks and other informative content. We work independently and aren’t related to any brand. However, we have some affiliations which you can read about on its webpage.

Are your WebPages filled with ads?

Other websites may use this tactic, but we are all for our readers, and don’t fill up our WebPages with excessive ads so you can have the best and pleasant browsing experience. 

We often see ads for products that are negatively reviewed in the articles; why’s that?

We don’t control these advertisements. As we use Google’s AdSense, these ads may appear, and it’s out of our hands to have a say in it. The ads are based on your browsing activity.

Is your information reliable?

Every bit of information that’s available on cinejoia.tv is genuine. We have a talented staff that only delivers real stories, and we repeatedly check the data to confirm it. We assure you our information is reliable.

Can we get paid for adding products to review?

No, an editorial team is tasked with finding out which product or website should be reviewed next. However, we’re grateful for your activity.

Do you get money for writing positive reviews?

No, we don’t receive money for writing positive or negative remarks about anything. We believe in honesty and are only concerned with giving you truthful information

How do you rate any product or service?

We have no say regarding the rating of any service or product. The overall rating results from star rating in each review and will be based upon and affected by individual responses and thoughts.

How are your reviews written?

Our primary focus is to provide authentic and truthful information. For this purpose, we have hired a team of editors and writers who extensively research the topic before writing any information about it. If you’re interested in joining us, you’ll have to go through a selection process. 

We take pride in the fact that our articles are entirely genuine and aren’t plagiarized. The information present is also authentic and reliable. 

The articles are free of grammatical errors and are written in an appealing format. We don’t tolerate profanity, hate speech, or any vulgarism in our articles. Please visit our Guidelines for a Review page to know more.

I’ve noticed that your reviews aren’t published immediately.

We know the impact of our reviews as it may drive users to buy or not buy any product or service. We like to review it manually before posting it.

Can we edit user reviews?

We cannot change the star rating, but we can remove hate speech and profanity.

Is it possible to update a review?

Yes, it’s possible and also quite simple. You need to log in with your account and update the specific review you want to. The updated review will, however, be checked before it’s republished.

Is an account on example.com free?

Yes, it’s free to create an account anytime and anywhere.

Can users delete their reviews?

Yes, please write to us about it along with your email and the reason for deletion and leave the rest to us.

Can the accounts of users be deleted?

Although we’d never give you any reason to leave us, but yes, the accounts can be deleted. Please write to us about it, and we’ll do the rest.

What do you do with the users’ personal information?

We assure you that your personal information is safe with us. We don’t share this information with anyone. To know more about it, please visit the Privacy Policy webpage.

Why haven’t you replied to my contact form?

We make an effort to respond to all the messages we receive, but it often becomes impossible to answer all of them because of the enormous number of unread messages. 

Please note that we’re not answerable for any of the products or websites mentioned on cinejoia.tv as we only review them. We attempt to respond to all other messages.

If you’d like to obtain some more information about us, please look at our other WebPages like About Us, Guidelines, Privacy Policy, where we have mentioned some relevant information. 

If you have any query you want to have the answer to, visit these WebPages, and you’ll most likely have it answered. Alternatively, if you’re interested, you can also write to us at admin@cinejoia.tv.