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Cinejoia.tv is a website to provide you with reviews of many online platforms across the world. We aim to provide our viewers with authentic reviews after in-depth research and analysis. We publish reviews about products, websites, news, and some informative topics. We are not associated with any brands and work solely to provide you with the best quality and facts. 

We aim to provide our readers with the best of their browsing experience on our website. Hence, we do not fill up or mess up our webpages with too many ads.

  • Why are the ads reviewed negatively in a few articles?

Google has control over the advertisements displayed on our website as we are using Google AdSense. It is beyond our reach to moderate the displayed ads. They are based on the browsing activities of our viewers.

  • Are you providing truthful information?

The information provided on our website is entirely reliable. Our team is dedicated to deliver factual information and analyze the content thoroughly before publishing.

  • Can I add products to review on your website?

We do not add products recommended by any individual. It is our editorial team who decide about the publishing of the products. 

  • Do you write positive reviews to get paid by the companies?

We do not provide our viewers with positive or negative reviews to get paid. We deliver authentic and genuine content. Our information provided to our viewers is factual and reliable.  

  • Do you rate the services or the products?

Our website or the team is not responsible for any product, website, or service ratings. Individuals and viewers provide ratings and reviews.

  • How do you write reviews?

Our team of writers is dedicated to providing you with factual and authentic information. Our editors and writers work hard to do extensive research before writing or publishing content on our website. If you are passionate about joining us and contributing your content, you can go through the joining process.

  • Why can I not see my review immediately?

We analyze all the reviews manually before appearing on our online platform as some reviews can drive users to buy or not buy a service or product.

  • Can we edit the reviews?

You are not authorized to edit or change the ratings or reviews. However, we can edit and remove reviews if we find any vulnerable content or hate speech. Any content harming anyone physically or emotionally are removed from our website. 

  • How can I get a quick response?

We respond to each query by our viewers. Due to massive queries, a delay in response is expected. However, our team and we are trying to deliver our best services to our viewers and readers.

You can check the details on other webpages to know more about us. For further queries, you can reach us at info@cinejoia{dot}tv.