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Type of articles Our website Usually Post

There are several types of articles in which we deal. we post top most and mostly searched categories.

  • News articles: It includes the basic ongoing trend, games update that people are searching for, political facts, knowledge about the person and his achievements, and many more.
  • Website articles: It includes an exact analysis of the website using the given reference link and other sources. It must clear the facts related to the legitimacy of the website. All the customer reviews and contact details should be stated in the generalized manner.
  • Product articles: It includes the details and features of the product. Apart from that, we deliver accurate information regarding the legitimacy of the products so that our valuable readers can make a wise decision before making any online purchase.
  • Promotional articles: It includes promoting the product or website that holds all the sale-related details and the amazing offers that people can avail themselves of by reading your article.

All types of articles should be created by keeping in mind all the necessary guidelines. For the marketing purpose of your writing skills, you can share all your write-ups with your known people to increase the visibility of your post. You can be part of the guest post.

Basic guidelines to keep in mind while writing an article

While writing an article or blog, you need to follow the format which the experts already decide. Some of them are as follows-

  • The website review must include all the advantages and disadvantages that people can face if they visit the following website.
  • The article should not hold any grammatical mistakes and should not be plagiarised.
  • The details added in the content should be correct exactly as per the reference link.
  • The content should hold the required amount of sub-headings.
  • Try to minimize the usage of passive voice and make the content in simple words so that everyone could read and learn the information we are trying to convey.
  • The content should not have abusive language.

Points to Consider When You Will Write For Us

  • Read our posted contents and guidelines thoroughly to understand the format.
  • Share your best headline idea for the guest post in the email.
  • Sending assignments is not enough for publication; it’s essential to write down the heck out of it.
  • We accept 1000 words for a guest post.

What do we offer to our writer?

Working with each other needs a good environment and trust. Some of the things that we offer to our writers are –

  • The best mentors – who can hold your hand and nurture and groom.
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  • We offer ample opportunities to deserving which help to escalate the level and remuneration as well.

Points you need to avoid while writing

The selection of the article depends on the quality of the content. We do not support content such as

Adult content

  • We do not post things that promote harmful things such as drugs or narcotic products.
  • We do not support the repetition of things, and it makes the reader feel boring and does not give the required amount of views.
  • Controversial facts that can hurt someone’s personal life.
  • Try to write the things which do not involve the shared points. Content that includes all these points are rejected.

Final Verdict

Writing is the art that makes people think and acknowledge the fact to a great extent. So if you can write and express your knowledge with others in your words, then contact dodbuzz.com to join our writer’s family.

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Sometimes the posts are deleted due to some controversial issues that people or posts are delayed. So In such a case, relax and wait, your work will surely give you some payback for time and work.

Either you are a fresher or the sports blogger, or anyone, we would love to hear from you and execute some wonderful piece of work.

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