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Lukas Gage Viral Video On Twitter: Check Information On Husband & Director

Lukas Gage Viral Video On Twitter, the popular actor from The White Lotus miniseries, is all set to showcase his talent with Smile 2 and share his experience acting in the film.

Lukas Gage, a United States actor, rose to prominence with his stellar acting skills and on-screen persona. Some of his most acclaimed works include The White Lotus, Euphoria, American Vandal, and You.

His popularity has spread as far as France and Canada. The White Lotus star has unveiled a sneak peek into his latest venture.

He greeted his fans and followers with a glimpse of his horror endeavour, Smile 2. Herein, Lukas Gage Viral Video on Twitter has created quite a stir among the netizens, who are in awe of his performance.

This article elaborates in detail about Lukas Gage, what he has to say about his latest venture and other details relating to the viral video.

Lukas Gage Viral Video on Twitter – Why is the Euphoria Actor Trending?

Lukas Gage was born on 28 May 1995 in San Diego, California, in the United States. Thus, as of 2024, he is 29 years of age. However, the actor was later raised in Encinitas, California.

Research shows that he was always inclined towards acting. He attends film camps every summer and participates in plays and commercials.

Lukas Gage Married Chris Appleton in 2023. However, the couple later divorced in September 2023. The actor is an alumnus of San Dieguito Academy in Encinitas.

He married Chris Appleton, a hairstylist by profession. The couple confirmed their relationship on The Drew Barrymore Show.

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Lukas Gage Married – The White Lotus Actor Personal Life and Career

The couple made a public announcement of their engagement on 05 April 2023. Within nineteen days of their engagement, they made another announcement of their marriage.

Lukas Gage Married
Lukas Gage Married

However, the marriage did not last long and ended in September. According to sources, Appleton filed a petition for separation from Gage.

As per sources, Appleton stated the reason for separation as Lukas Gage Husband was an irreconcilable difference between the couple.

Who Debuted Lukas Gage Director?

Gage began his acting career by sharing a clip of his audition on Zoom. At this time, Lukas Gage Director Tristram Shapeero’s voice could be heard in the background.

Who Debuted Lukas Gage Director
Who Debuted Lukas Gage Director

According to research, the director was unaware of keeping his microphone on mute. Although he did not land the role that he auditioned for, he was accepted to be a part of the popular HBO miniseries The White Lotus.

Gage had gone on to share details about his latest horror sensation named ‘Smile’ during an interview in 2022 to SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show.

He also promoted his film, Road House, which created quite an anticipation among the fans. In a statement about his venture, Gage disclosed an incident from the sets.

As per Gage, he was so much impacted by the content that he allegedly vomited off-camera due to the extreme gore content.

However, he later clarified that he did not vomit but emphasized experiencing headaches and dry heaving.

Lukas Gage Viral Video on Twitter – Did The Film Make Him Sick?

Gage elaborated about being in a state of shock at the film’s intensity. In the Lukas Gage Viral Video on Twitter, the actor mentions how scary the film was.

Furthermore, he also explained how terrified the entire crew was during the shoot. Not only was the smile creepy, but most of the scenes were gory and could make one weak in the stomach, too.

Smile 2, directed by Parker, is all set to elevate the level of terror. The film has a stellar cast, including Dylan Gelula, Naomi Scott, Raul Castillo and Rosemarie DeWitt. To know more about Lukas Gage, click

In addition, it also witnesses the return of Kyle Gallner in a reprising role from the original instalment.

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