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Further Clarification 

We want to mention that this platform’s full information is a good read for informational motive only. We never warranty the content at all and regarding the reliability & the level of accuracy. If you have taken any steps or actions after reading the content as published on the website, only you are responsible for the result, and we have no role in it. You ought to take all responsibilities for all your actions. 

To keep it crystal-clear, we would like to say that Cinejoia. tv is a web-based platform that published all content about products and websites but not liable for any damages/losses that may occur in any case in the near future. 

Limitation of Liability 

Full content as available on Cinejoia.tv has been uploaded and generated with optimum care to the fullest. The owner of this platform does not have any types of assumptions associated with the accuracy, correctness, as well as completeness of the contents as posted. If the user use any of the content from our website, then they are responsible for the same, not us. 

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Copyright Law & other associated intellectual properties 

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The use of any such content for commercial purposes is wholly forbidden in any shape or form, such as duplication, distribution, or changes. Any copyright breach or any property laws will lead to civil proceedings. 

You are free to download the copyrighted material for personal use. 


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Please stay aware of the privacy policies that vary from site to site, and it is not relevant in any manner. Ensure that you check all policies before diving into the website or take any required actions. 

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