Walksafe App Trafficking Uk (March) Get Information Here

Walksafe App Trafficking Uk 2021

Walksafe App Trafficking Uk (March) Get Information Here >> This article details a smartphone application and thereby checks if it’s authentic or not for people to use.

Walksafe App Trafficking Uk: The downloads of this app have gone up in number over the past few days. Furthermore, it is an app that has garnered a lot of interest and likes that has also increased the number of downloads across the United Kingdom. While the app claims to offer the user safety when using the phone and walking on the road.

However, it is necessary to ensure that the app is authentic and there are no loopholes. Thus, in this article, we have presented readers a quick detail about the app and also looked into Is Walksafe Safe?

What is Walksafe App?

Walksafe app is an application available on android and ios. As we all know, mobile phone users are at considerable risk while walking on the road. Keeping this in mind, the app is designed to increase users’ safety when walking on the road and communicating on the phone. 

This app has shown 100,000 downloads in merely five days, and it has been approaching 300, 000 downloads as of March 17, 2021.

How does the Walksafe App work?

The Walksafe app claims to offer protection to the users, especially pedestrians, when commuting on the road. The application uses the user’s back camera to detect any risks related to traffic on the road. 

Walksafe App Trafficking Uk: How to download?

The Walksafe claims to alert the walker from any possible risk situations by using its inbuilt process of machine learning and image recognition algorithms for detecting vehicles. Moreover, it is available on Android Playstore and Apple Appstore for download in the United Kingdom.

Below listed is the method for downloading the app, which are as follows:

  • Go to your google playstore or either Apple Appstore
  • Click on the search bar and type the name of the app
  • Select the app and press on “install” tab to download it
  • After downloading, run the app on your smartphone.

Is Walksafe Safe?

To check the app’s authenticity, we must consider few important dimensions, including its domain age and trust-ability index. The app has an average trust index of 60%. Besides, its domain is only a year old, created on 02/09/2019.

Furthermore, we went on to check for its customer reviews on different platforms. The Walksafe App has its presence on social media platforms. However, it does have mixed reviews on playstore and app store. Considering all the above, we can conclude the app to be legit and not a scam.

Final Verdict – User Discretion Recommended

It has mixed reviews on the internet forums and the Appstore and Playstore but has shown tremendous Walksafe App Trafficking Uk

Still, it is recommended for users to research at their end to ensure complete safety before they start using the app. Besides, who wouldn’t like to have an application that helps detect any unforeseen risks while using the phone while commuting on the road and alerting the user?

Have you used the Walksafe App? What are your views about this app? We would love to hear from you. Please do share your viewpoints in the comments box below.

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