Is The App Walksafe Safe (March) Get Informed Here!

Is The App Walksafe Safe 2021

Is The App Walksafe Safe (March) Get Informed Here! >> This article details a safety app available on the smartphone, its working and checking if it is safe.

Is the App Walksafe Safe? Does it help users detect potentials dangers on the road while walking? We all are not oblivious that using the phone while crossing the road is risky and dangerous to individual lives. And over the past few days, the Walksafe app’s downloads have surged, with numerous people downloading it to their smartphone in the United Kingdom.

So, what is the app all about, and how can we know if it is legit or not. Well, this article throws light on all the major questions to know Is Walksafe Safe?

What is Walksafe App?

First, Walksafe App is a smartphone application that is available for download on Android and ios applications in the United Kingdom. The application is designed keeping in mind the need for safety when commuting on the road. Often the risk of accidents increases when individuals cross the street or walk while talking on the phone.

Installing Walksafe App to your smartphone will help you detect the potential risks and thereby keep you safe. However, this does highlight the question i.e. Is Walksafe Safe in actuality?

For knowing so, we need to delve a little further and learn about its features and how it works. So, lets read further.

Is Walksafe Safe to Use?

The Walksafe App comprises four main features. It includes:

  • Capturing Images
  • Processing Images
  • Detecting vehicles
  • Sending alerts

More importantly, the app after installation only gets activated when the user makes or receives a call. Herein, it monitors the road for you and keeps a hawk’s eye on the traffic from the back camera, detecting vehicles from even a distance of 50 meters and speed of 30 kms/ hour.

Moreover, it also comprises other features that send alerts to loved ones about your location, keeps loved ones in the loop, and assure the safe journey.

Is the App Walksafe Safe?

On the other hand, the Walksafe App has an average trust score of 60% and mixed customer reviews on social media platforms and Playstore and Appstore with a 1.4 and 3.0-star rating, respectively. Thus, based on the research, we recommend users to carry on search from their end to ensure complete safety.

The application uses the camera’s back camera system to detect any risk while on the road. On finding one, it immediately alerts the user about the possible dangers and thereby helps them safeguard themselves. For this, it uses machine learning and image recognition algorithms to detect the vehicles on the road.

Final Verdict

To ensure Is the App Walksafe Safe, we recommend researching your end to ensure there is no danger in using the app. While the app does claim to safeguard users when using the phone on the road, it is better to do some research from your end. Furthermore, it is always best to be completely sure then getting duped later, though the app appears to be legit. 

What are your opinions about the security and safety offered by the app? Please share your experiences of using the Walksafe App and list your comments in the box below.

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  1. Just to flag you have use the WalkSafe logo for a review and it is not our app you are reviewing in your piece.

    Our app is not activated by calls and doesn’t use cameras. We think your reviewer must have used a different app as there are other apps with similar names.

    It is misleading so please can you either take down the review or write a correction.

    We will be monitoring and your response and will take further action if this is not rectified.

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