Is Willa App Scam (April) Check The Legitimacy Here!

Is Willa App Scam (April) Check The Legitimacy Here!

Is Willa App Scam (April) Check The Legitimacy Here! >> Do you want instant access to your money? Then please know about the app and its legitimacy in the below guide.

Are you a professional freelancer or influencer and suffer from late payments? Worrying about the money? Please don’t worry; today we are discussing the site which takes care of your money. 

Using the Willa App, you can sit back and focus on what you want to do instead of getting into the unnecessary matter. Willa is founded by the team of a business person in the United States. But before using it, what you need to know is; Is Willa App Scam? Please keep reading the below article for more details.

What is

Willa is a more than one-year-old company founded by a group of entrepreneurs and by EQT ventures. One can request payments from brands and companies in seconds and get access to your money in minutes. 

Willa is for the United States-based Social media content writers, professional influencers and freelancers who get paid by the brands and company for their work. 

Important things to know about Willa App

  • One needs to have a permanent address in U.S. 
  • And a U.S-based bank account and a phone number is mandatory. 
  • Willa is currently available on iOS only.

Is Willa App Scam? Does this question hit your mind? Please keep reading the article; all your doubts are cleared here.

How does Willa App work?

The Willa App works in four simple steps, which are explained below:

  • Step 1: Download the Willa App and sign up in less than a minute.
  • Step 2: With few taps, send your invoice safely and quickly. 
  • Step 3: The Money is added to your balance instantly.
  • Step 4: You can transfer your money anywhere you want to.

Is Willa App Scam?

The domain age of the Willa app is obtained as 2019-10-17, which is almost more than one year old. The website’s trust rank is obtained as 50.4 on the scale of 1-100, which is a decent number. 

The customer reviews of the portal are mixed, and we got 3.8 stars and 4.4 stars out of 5 stars from two different trusted portals.

Considering these factors, the app appears legit, but analyzing once again from your end is recommended here.

Willa App Reviews

We researched the internet to see how popular Willa is among the people and Is Willa App Scam? Here is what we got. One says –’Life is so simplified with Willa now, using their email I request money, and the App takes the rest care.’ 

Another user says – ‘Great app, but money is not instant. The app shows balance, but it takes 1-3 working days to access your money.’ 

In contrast, one disappointed user says – ‘don’t use it; it steals your information.’

The Bottom Line

Willa makes sure you get your payment on time by involving in the entire process. To answer Is Willa App Scam, we thoroughly researched and concluded. Considering its creation date, ranking, app reviews, the portal looks legit to us; still, we recommend you to analyze once from your end and read all the customer reviews and then go for it.

What is your opinion about Willa App? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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