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Please read this composition to learn about Tom Parker Cause Death, regarding the sad demise of one of the members of the famous music band, The Wanted.

Are you a fan of musical bands? Do you relate your childhood nostalgia to these groups? Did you listen to any songs by The Wanted? Then, you must be aware of the sad news regarding one of its members.

In this report, we have covered the demise of a popular singer. Fans worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, want to know how this sad incident occurred. Therefore, please read this account to learn about Tom Parker Cause Death.

How Did Tom Parker of ‘The Wanted’ Die?

Tom Parker was suffering from the fourth stage of glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor. His doctors diagnosed him to have this ailment in October 2020. The celebrity declared that his condition was incurable through surgery. After the diagnosis, he suffered from seizures twice, which postponed his treatment. 

Nonetheless, doctors tried their best to heal the situation. He informed his fans a few times that his tumor was decreasing, and his condition is improved. Unfortunately, he succumbed to complications on 30 March 2022, becoming the Tom Parker Cause of Death the Wanted. When he left for his heavenly abode, the singer was only thirty-three years old.

Who Was Tom Parker?

Tom Parker was one of the members of a renowned music band called The Wanted. His real name was Thomas Anthony Parker. He was born in Bolton, England, on 4 August 1988. He discontinued his education to follow his passion for music.

He auditioned for The Wanted in 2009 and got selected. After the band decided to part ways in 2014, Tom continued his musical journey as a disco jockey. He also participated in one of the versions of Celebrity MasterChef. 

The Recent Funeral Following Tom Parker Cause of Death the Wanted

Tom Parker’s funeral occurred on 20 April 2022 in South London. Kelsey Parker, the deceased’s wife, delivered a verbal tribute, leaving everyone emotional. Numerous fans gathered outside the church who could see the tribute on screens. 

All the other four members of The Wanted to attend the funeral to pay their last tribute to Tom. They also carried the coffin box to the church along with other bearers. The family and friends of Tom Parker used floral wreaths to convey their deep feelings toward him. The funeral’s photographs show the messages of Glad You Came and Daddy.

About Tom Parker Cause Death

Tom was suffering from Glioblastoma. It is one of the most dangerous types of cancer that develops in the human brain. The causes of this lethal ailment can be genetic dysfunctions or previous treatment via radiation. The medical field could not find a preventive measure for this cancer. However, doctors can attempt treatment via radiation and surgery. 


Tom Parker died due to complications in the fourth-stage glioblastoma, an inoperable condition. He was a brilliant musician and a significant member of The Wanted. According to his wife, he was a wonderful husband and father. His family, fans, and colleagues would lament over Tom Parker Cause Death forever. May his soul rest in peace. Which is your favourite song of The Wanted? Please share below.

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