Cause of Death Gloria Sevilla {April 2022} Insight!

Latest News Cause of Death Gloria Sevilla

This news give the data relating the tribute and Cause of Death Gloria Sevilla, a famous Philippines celebrity. Stay tuned and read further to acquire the fact.

Have you heard about the recent incident of a famous personality? Do you want to know the reason behind her death of Gloria? If yes, then read below for more information.

Gloria was a well-known actor with a massive fan following. People from the Philippines and the Us are curious to know about the issue that has caused the death of this famous performing celebrity. This incident is shocking for all her fans.

Let us read more about the renowned appearance and Cause of Death Gloria Sevilla!

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How did she die?

Gloria lived in the Philippines as a television artist. Since 1970 she worked in movies like pancho magalona, chichay and ang biyenan mangkukulam. She was always supportive of a healthy lifestyle and appeared in cheerful dramas like ‘Being careful with my heart’.  

In Oakland, California, Gloria passed away peacefully on Sunday morning while resting in bed at the age of 90. The news was posted on Facebook by midnight, and officers confirmed the information. His son was investigated for clarification of her death. It was than revealed that natural circumstances were the reason for her death. Death Video Gloria Sevilla is trending due to her immense contribution to the media world.

Read below more about her.

About Gloria Sevilla

Gloria was born on the 31st of January 1932. Since her childhood, she has been more inclined toward the filming industry and acting. After her teens, she auditioned for movies like Queen of Visayan and Madugong in the 1950s and contributed to the industry with her great acting skills.

As per her contribution, she was also appreciated with rewards such as awards for best actor and the film credits in FAMAS. She was also popular in the industry as she was vegan. 

Read below more to understand the reason of attraction for Cause of Death Gloria Sevilla.

Famous shows of Gloria

From 1993 to 2022, she has performed different shows and contributed in a healthy, enjoyable way to the industry. Some of the famous shows are given below:-

  • In 1993, Maalaala Mo Kaya         
  • In 1997, Esperanza     
  • In 2002-2003, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay 
  • In 2003, Bida si Mister
  • In 2006, Captain Barbell
  • In 2008, Komiks Presents: Kapitan Boom     
  • In 2010, May Bukas 
  • In 2010, Your Song Presents: Andi Habang Buhay         
  • In 2010, Precious Hearts Romances Presented: Alyna             
  • In 2011, Wansapanataym     
  • In 2011-2012, Budoy     

Awards she won

  • She won the best-supporting actors award in my mother’s maiden love movie.
  • She won the iconic award and lifetime achievement award in the EDDYS.

Why is Death Video Gloria Sevilla trending

The video of Gloria death was posted on Facebook on the 16th of April 2022 by her son. It was noticed here that she died on her bed itself while sleeping. She was a contributing soul in the industry for 90 years; it was a great way of living the world peacefully. The news got trending as she died with peace being a celebrity.


In conclusion, we state that the news is about the farewell of Gloria’s soul peacefully, which increases her respect in the industry. Natural death of Gloria while sleeping, was identified as the cause of death. Did you find the article helpful in revealing the Cause of Death Gloria Sevilla? Comment your opinion in the comments below.

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