Rihanna ASAP Split {April 2022} Know The Actual Facts!

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This article is a complete package for the news of Rihanna ASAP Split. If you want to have good knowledge regarding it, then follow this article. 

Are you a Rihanna lover? Do you want to know all about her personal and professional life? Are you aware of Rihanna and Rocky’s story? Do you know that these days there are rumours of them being split? If you aren’t aware of all this, then we have a piece of complete information about this in our today’s write-up. Let’s catch a glimpse of this Worldwide famous story. 

This article will explore all the information related to Rihanna ASAP Split. So, let’s start with today’s piece of writing and explore all the needed information. 

Are Rihanna and ASAP in a Relationship?

ASAP and Rihanna are known as friends, but this friendship has been known for almost 10 years as both met at the North Limb Event. After breaking up with Hassan Jameel, she started dating ASAP in November of 2020. 

From December 2020, fans start adoring the couple of two as they look good together. But soon after that, the couple revealed that they were not married but committed to each other.

Is Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Split? 

According to our research, we have found that the only thing about Rihanna’s fans is very worried about these days is the unfaithfulness of Rocky ASAP with pop star singer Rihanna. Rumours floating all over social media are that singer Rihanna and boyfriend Rocky, who are expecting their 1st child these days, are about to split. 

However, our research has found that this couple is still in a strong relationship and happy with each other. Also, the internet findings confirmed that they are fine together and living a healthy relationship.

Why are Rihanna ASAP Split News trending?

The very sensational and shocking news about this couple that says about the breakup of ASAP and Singer Rihanna broke many hearts. It was mentioned that the singer cheated on her with Amina Muaddi. Even after getting the news of breaking up from a reputed tweet, they refused to accept it. 

It came into the news after the writer Pisano tweeted that the singer Rihanna and boyfriend A$AP got “split”, and the boyfriend has allegations of cheating on the famous singer. 

The very famous pop singer Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Split are trending over the social sites because the fans want to make it confirm that both are doing well and there’s no hurdle in heaven. 

Who spread this rumour first? 

The writer Louise was the first person to write this entire news without any backup from any reliable source. Within 24 hours, all the near and dear ones got worried, and the nearest source straight declined the news and called it fake.

Note: All the details mentioned here completely depend on internet research.


As per the authentic sources, Rihanna ASAP Split up news is fake or rumours. Because they both are committed to each other in a strong relationship, they have recently revealed the news of welcoming their first child together.

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