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Pablo Escobar Death Video says on the Pablo Escobar and Griselda Blanco.  To Know whether Griselda Blanco is still Alive, read the below article.

Who was Pablo Escobar? What do you know about him? Did you watch the death video of Pablo? Who was Griselda Blanco? When did she die? What was the reason for the death of both? People Worldwide are watching the series that premiered on Netflix on January 25th. It is about the Griselda and Escobar. Know more about them by reading Pablo Escobar Death Video.

Pablo Escobar Death Video

The Cali Cartel, the police, and the US administration threatened Escobar. On December 2nd, 1993, military personnel discovered Escobar in a home. It was a middle-class Medellin home neighbourhood. As soon as the police tried to catch Escobar, there was a gunfire conflict. Escobar attempted to run away from the roof. But was shot and murdered. In addition to being shot in the head, he also took hits to the body, foot, and head. People raised the question of whether he shot himself to death or committed suicide. Pablo Escobar and Griselda Blanco were both involved in toxic substances dealing.

Pablo Escobar Death Video

What do you know about Pablo?

As per sources, Pablo Escobar was a dealer from Colombia. The birth date was December 1st, 1949, and he is from Rionegro. Pablo passed away in Colombia on December 2nd, 1993. He was the head of the Medellin cartel. Pablo led an era of extreme brutality, dishonesty, and prosperity. As per sources, In 1980 Escobar was undoubtedly the most effective trafficker in the entire globe.

Blanco was laid to rest in the Jardines de Montesacro. Pablo Escobar, the lord from Colombia. He was buried in the same cemetery. 

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Griselda Blanco Still Alive or dead?

On September 3rd 2012 Griselda died at the age of 69. Two bullets killed her. It was fired at her by an unidentified assailant riding a motorbike. She died before the police could arrive at the scene.

It is strange since Blanco has been associated with creating the novel murdering technique. She is thought to have invented the killing technique. When she was in charge of the gang in Miami, she was shot by a passing motorbike. Pablo Escobar and Griselda Blanco are both buried in the same graveyard.

Blanco had settled in Medellin, Colombia, at the point of her passing after being deported from Miami. She was enjoying life in peace after receiving an understandable release from prison because of her poor health.

Griselda Blanco Still Alive or dead

Why the death of Blanco and Pablo is trending now?

Griselda is an episode on Blanco that Sofia Vergara depicted on Netflix. It was aired on January 25th, 2024. The show is portrayed as a true crime drama that chronicles a  lord’s ascent. Furthermore, serving as co-producers of the programme are Eric Newman and Sofia Vergara. Andres Baiz directs the show. The narrative only touches on the critical events of Blanco’s life. Did you know the answer to Is Griselda Blanco Still Alive?


As per online sources, in 2012, she met her brutal end in front of a butcher shop in Medellin, Colombia. The 69-year-old was shot twice by a passing motorbike and killed instantaneously. Blanco and Pablo Escobar, another lord from Colombia, were buried at the same graveyard.

The narrative of her ascent to the pinnacle of the criminal world is told in the January 25th, 2024, Netflix original film Griselda. Know more about them online.

Did you watch the series that premiered on Netflix? Mention your thoughts in the comment box below.


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