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What is Amigos Traicioneros Video Twitter? Where is the Pwwh Gore footage? Read the facts about it here!

What are the details on Amigos Traicioneros Video Twitter? What does Amigos Traicioneros mean? In which language is this phase written? What is the story behind this trending topic? Where is the original video trending under this keyword? Netizens from Worldwide are searching for the video as per the reports. Thus, we are providing details about it in this article. 

Amigos Traicioneros Video Twitter

The phrase ‘Amigos Traicioneros’ means Treacherous friends. This phrase has been detected in the Spanish language. The video is from Colombia, which is a Spanish-speaking country. The video has violent and gore content in it. Thus, it has been gaining traction on social media. The video is not only violent, but it involves the death of a victim. 

In the video, a few men brutally killed a man named Andres Alberto Sosa. He was a homeless person and a street dweller as per sources. As per the news, he was stabbed with a knife more than 50 times. He soon succumbed to death after the attack.  

Where is Amigos Traicioneros Pwwh Video?

Many people on the internet are searching for the video. However, the complete and original video of the incident is not available. The video might have been deleted from the internet. In the video, the brutal attack was clearly recorded. Many websites have claimed it to be a planned attack. 

The keyword ‘Treacherous Friends’ has been used because sources claim that the men who attacked Andres were his friends. The details are not revealed. However, speculations are that they might have been a very close friend of the deceased. Yet they took him, and that too with so much brutality. 

Where is Amigos Traicioneros Pwwh Video

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Fact on Amigos Traicioneros Video Gore

The incident happened in Colombia’s Cucuta region on 21st January 2024. Three men suddenly came to Andres Alberto Sosa and started to harm him physically. One of the men took out a sharp knife from his pocket and started to stab Alberto. At the same time, one person was recording the video from the group of attackers. 

Another one was stabbing Andres with the knife. The other attacker was encouraging the violent behavior of the attacker. Because they were shouting to stab him in his face and several other body parts. The video shocked a lot of people on the internet. Those who watched the whole video are in distress and heartbroken.

Amigos Traicioneros Pwwh Video Culprit Details

The identities of the attackers have not been revealed. Maybe the police authorities are still searching for the attackers as they escape the crime scene. The police have announced prize money for the attackers. Whoever gives any information about the culprit will be awarded around 50 million pesos. 

The police department has expressed their condolences for Andres Alberto Sosa’s death. They have been investigating the case and expressed their will to catch the culprits as soon as possible. 


In today’s article on Amigos Traicioneros Video Gore, we have talked about the case. It is from Cucuta, Colombia; the killing of 22-year-old Andres Alberto Sosa happened on 21st January 2024. Three men attacked him, and as a result of the assault, Andres died. He sustained several injuries to his head, abdomen, and chest. He was stabbed over 50 times by a sharp knife. If you wish to know more, click here.

Have you watched the Treacherous Friend video yet? Please comment below and tell us about the video.

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