[Trend Video] Justin Mohn Decapitation Video On Twitter: Details On YouTube Clip Liveleak

Latest News Justin Mohn Decapitation Video On Twitter

What is Justin Mohn Decapitation Video on Twitter? Was there a YouTube Liveleak of his Father’s death? Whose Head was in the video? Check Here!

Why is Justin Mohn Decapitation Video on Twitter trending? Who is Justin Mohn? What did Justin Mohn do? Why is Justin Mohn trending on the social media? Where is Justin Mohn’s father? Where is this case from? Netizens from the United States are interested in this matter, and they want to find out everything about the Justin Mohn case.

Justin Mohn Decapitation Video on Twitter

Justin Mohn is a 32-year-old man from Philadelphia. As per the news, Justin has killed his father, and he has posted gruesome content on his social media platforms as well. He posted a 14-minute video on his YouTube in which he showed the head (which was severed from the body) of his father. He also took his father’s name, and it looked as if he was reading a script. The video posted on social media was creepy, and YouTube later removed it. His father was a federal employee, and it looked like a crime against government authorities as per sources. 

Justin Mohn Decapitation Video on Twitter

Justin Mohn YouTube Video Liveleak

Justin’s mother, Denice Mohn, found her husband’s body in the bathroom on Tuesday evening. She reported to the authorities about it, and at that time, his body was decapitated. Police found a kitchen knife in the bathtub along with a machete. After a search, they found the head in the bedroom next to the bathroom. The head was inside a plastic bag, which was placed inside a cooking pot.

In another bedroom, they found bloody gloves, which were similar to what Justin was wearing. Denice had gone to run some errands in the afternoon, leaving her husband and her son behind. When she returned in the evening, his son was missing, and his husband was murdered. 

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Justin Mohn Head & More Details 

The victim was around 68 years old, and his name was Michael F. Mohn. He had worked as a federal employee for around 20 years. Justin called his father a traitor and killed him brutally. He was caught around 160 Km away from the crime scene. The family was living in their hometown in Levittown. Justin lived along with his parents. Justin has been charged with first-degree murder charges. Justin has also been charged for misbehaving with a corpse (because he beheaded the body after death). Justin Mohn Father killing news is going viral on social media and all around the country.

Reason Behind the Crime

As per the investigation, Mohn was the person who not liked the federal employees because he had filed several lawsuits against many organizations. However, he did not succeed in any of them, and the court stated him as a misinformed college graduate. Justin has also filed a case against his former employer, an insurance company, for discrimination and on other grounds as per sources. But, his case was not strong enough.  


In today’s article on Justin Mohn YouTube Video Liveleak, we have discussed the topic in-depth. This case is from Pennsylvania, U.S. People were shocked to learn the gruesome killing. Many were shocked when they found the YouTube video of Justin with his father’s head. YouTube deleted the video several hours after the video had been uploaded. It was against the rules and guidelines. If you wish to know more about this case, click here.

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