OSRS’ New Pet Reclaim System

Gaming Tips OSRS’ New Pet Reclaim System

Revive Your Pets Without Spending Any OSRS Gold: The recent changes to the pet reclaim system has players jumping for joy.

Pets are fantastic little companions – and having them in a game is always a huge plus. They are super rare drops from bosses or other activities. Sometimes, when trying to farm OSRS gold by killing a boss, you have the pleasant surprise of receiving a bonus: a lovely pet. Other times, you will go way beyond the expected drop rate and make or lose bank – depending on which one you’re trying to get. For some pets, you’ll need to adventure deep in the Wilderness and risk losing a significant amount of OSRS GP while hunting it.

One thing is clear, though – while they are not worth any OSRS gold as all pets are untradeable drops, pets are valuable! So valuable that you now have to pay to insure them so you can reclaim them in the unfortunate case of losing them. The insurance fee was 500k OSRS GP paid to Probita. Even with that insurance, there were still some gaps where you could not receive or lose a pet. Hopefully, with the new pet reclaim system, players can avoid these things from happening.

Losing A Pet Always Hurts

Whether real or in a game, losing a furry friend always stings. One typical instance is when a player’s inventory is full and already has a follower. The worst part was that even though the pet appeared in your collection log, there was no way for them to receive it. This scenario made players temporarily rage quit Old School RuneScape because – let’s all admit – it’s a highly frustrating scenario.

Other times, it could be pure ignorance or lack of knowledge that prevented someone from ensuring the pet and then innocently stating that they “didn’t even know they could lose it.” Whatever the scenario is, losing a pet is a huge hit, and it doesn’t matter if you got your companion at 1 KC or 10k KC – it still sucks.

Jagex Makes Some Changes for Pets in OSRS

Jagex finally agreed that something so rare (and precious) should not be easily lost in these improbable cases and acted upon it. Thanks to the pet reclaim changes, As soon as you receive the pet, it will appear in your collection log and be automatically insured. You’ll no longer have to pay to insure your pet, and that’s a breath of relief for all Old School RuneScape players. We can all rest assured now as Jagex covered us with this change.

You’ll be happy to know that this change applies retroactively as well. This means that if you have previously lost a pet due to the poor design that allowed for it, you’ll be able to reclaim it from Probita. For this, you’ll need either a bank slot or a collection log to prove you were a lucky but unlucky owner. However, suppose you had the misfortune of losing your companion before the collection log was released, and you don’t have a bank proof either. In that case, you won’t be able to reclaim it. It’s lost forever – unless Jagex decides to find a reasonable solution for those few unfortunate cases.

If you lose your pet, you can reclaim it from Probita as if it were insured because it gets insured automatically as soon as you get it. You will still have to pay the 1m GP fee to reclaim it, but what’s a bit of gold that you can make in less than one hour with multiple combat and non-combat methods compared to the long and tedious hours spent on that one specific pet hunt?

What Happens to Your OSRS GP?

You might want to know what happens with all that juicy OSRS GP you have already handed to Probita as a proud pet owner. You won’t get it directly back, but as soon as you need to reclaim a pet from her, Probita will return it, so you’ll pay less or nothing depending on how lucky you’ve been with pets and how many you have already insured. Even if you don’t particularly plan on losing your pets, you can keep them safe as a slot filler in your bank or give them a home within your player-owned house.

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