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Latitudepay Scam {July} DEcide With Legitimacy Details!

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Latitudepay Scam to know the latest happening and customer experience.

Are you considering subscribing to Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) schemes in Australia? The BNPL schemes are beneficial for both the buyers and the sellers. There are many BNPL service providers in AU and NZ. Latitudepay is one of the well-established BNPL service providers. 

In the recent days, there was news circulating about Latitudepay fraud. Would you like to know its facts? Then, let’s review the information about Latitudepay Scam.

About Latitude pay Scam:

Recently, there was an increase in discussion forums and blogging sites about the legitimacy of Latitudepay. No incident related to scammers initiating any plot was found recently. However, Latitudepay customers have posted many negative reviews that question the authenticity of Latitudepay.

There are blogs on Quora discussing whether Latitudepay is legit or a scam. Similarly, more than 530 user reviews on the customer review site rated Latitudepay at 3.9//5 stars. The customers rated Latitudepay Transparency at 3.7/5 stars, its Application Process at 3.9/5 stars, Rates and Fees at 3.8/5 stars, and customer service at 3.6/5 stars.

Lattitude Pay verification code scam:

A few customers reported that they are receiving multiple verification codes for Latitudepay. Such customers informed us that they never had a Latitudepay account. They called the customer service number but couldn’t reach them due to long waiting hours. 

This information suggests that scammers may be trying to create a Latitudepay account under the name of other customers. It generally happens when scammers have stolen credentials. The scammers can attempt to register on Latitudepay. But, they do not have direct access to the verification code.

The customers who received such Latitudepay Contact verification codes were not Latitudepay account holders. Hence, the data leak may not be from Latitudepay. 

If you received the verification code, do not give information about the code to anyone and directly report it to local authorities. If you hold a Latitudepay account, report it to customer service and reset your Latitudepay password immediately.

Other contributing factors:

Customers reported that they had called customer service to calculate the pay-off amount. The customer service is unable to stop such charges. After paying off the whole balance, Latitudepay is still taking monthly installments, which points out at Latitudepay Scam.

Several customers reported that sometimes the monthly charges are equivalent to the interest charges; most users complained about poor customer service as it was difficult to reach and the endless wait time.

A few customers reported that Latitudepay takes time to refund the money, and most of the time, it is a difficult task.


This week, the information about getting a verification code came into the picture. However, scammers did not call the numbers to get the verification code. Hence, the motive and identity of the scammer are unknown. Several customers SUSPECT a Latitudepay Scam due to other reasons mentioned above. However, Latitudepay is a LEGITIMATE service provider with an 86% Trust Rank.

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