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Martial Peak 1545 (Sep) Want To Know More About Series!

Want to access Martial Peak 1545? Read the content and know all the brief details of the latest release of Manga here.

Are you obsessed with fantasy novels? Do the fictional characters of the Martial Peak arouse your interest? Then you are surely on the right platform as today’s article will share the details of its latest released chapter. 

Many readers in the Philippines, Indonesia, United States, and India love to read this popular Chinese novel. So, the release of any latest chapter grabs their attention. 

Let’s explore what interesting turn Martial Peak 1545 will take to make the journey of the story more interesting and mysterious.

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Few words about the Martial Peak

It is a Chinese novel with a package of action, fantasy, adventure, historical views of China, martial arts, and Manhua. Pikapi writes this novel.

The long, alone, and solitaire journey to the Martial Peak, where one faces several challenges and adverse conditions and still manages to continue the journey, is fabulous. The storyline teaches us to become strong people and tells us how to deal with critical situations. 

As the story continues and reaches Martial Peak 1545, it has shown high heaven pavilion test, which checks the disciples to prepare for the journey that seems to have no end.

One day when Yang Kai, a sweeper, managed to find a black book and make his way to the peaks of the martial world. It is how the story name perfectly matches the plot.

Basic information of the Martial Peak

  • Type – Manhua
  • Language – Chinese
  • Artist – Momo (ii) 
  • Author – Pikapi
  • Genre – fantasy, mystery, romance, action, and adventure
  • Rank – it is one popular novel that holds the first rank by getting more than 5.3 M views monthly.
  • Ratings – the average rating of this web novel is 3.7.
  • Status – ongoing

What is the story of Martial Peak 1545?

Chapter 1545 comes with the title of Dead Territory. Ten thousand miles away, the region of danger and terror is there. In the never-ending territory of the star, the speed of the battleship slows down gradually. 

After a great hustle of the battleship, suddenly, the sound is no longer. Does the battle have stopped? Does Yang Kai is free from the trouble of Dead Territory? Well, you can unlock the answers to these questions by reading chapter 1545. 

How to access chapter 1545?

The enthusiasts of the Manga series can access the latest chapter, Martial Peak 1545, online at no cost. Many novel-reading sites have uploaded this chapter, and you can visit and read to get well known with the story. 

Moreover, the end of this chapter will tell you how Yang Kai finally reaches its first destination after facing countless challenges. The details of the latest chapters are available on the Twitter account too.


The latest manga releases have brought a lot more interesting content to explore. So, enjoy reading the story of Yank Kai and know how he makes it to reach the destination. We hope we have shared all the details of Martial Peak 1545 with you. 

What are your views about this novel? Comment it down.

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