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The Melty Blood: Type Lumina game will be active by midnight today. Please read this article to know about the Characters Melty Blood Type Lumina.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina game is all set to be launched in the United States and Canada on 30th September 2021 on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and X/S. Melty Blood is regularly releasing gameplay trailers and information about characters. With such information about Characters Melty Blood Type Lumina, we now know that the final playable character in the game is Saber. 

Let us read more about other characters in the game.

What is the Melty Blood Type Lumina?

Aniplex – a French company, will release the game. Moon’s visual novel properties are providing production assistance to Aniplex. Type Lumina is a reboot of the Melty Blood series. Kinoko Nasu is the author of the Melty Blood novel. 

Characters Melty Blood Type Lumina:

The development team announced 13 characters of the game in August 2021, which are listed below: 

  • SABER is equipped with an invisible blade that can transform into a golden sword. She is agile with powerful sword moves. 
  • RED ARCUEID is an evil character in the game. She is a character from Tsukihime.
  • CIEL fights supernatural threats such as vampires. She is equipped with weapons such as Black Keys, a magical sword.
  • NOEL is a character for the Tsukihime remake. She uses a polearm for keeping her opponents at bay, and her attacks also include aerial combos.
  • VLOV ARKHANGEL is one among 27 dead characters in Tsukihime. Vlov Characters Melty Blood Type Lumina attacks are long-ranged, and he uses fire when his opponent is near and ice attack when his opponent is moving far away. 
  • MICHAEL ROA VALDAMJONG uses the power of lightning for attacking opponents. His attacks are fast.
  • SHIKI TOHNO, an adaptation from Tsukihime. He has powerful teeth. Once he removes his eyeglasses, he can hit his opponent at a fast rate. 
  • ARCUEID BRUNESTUD is a vampire princess. She attacks with her bare hands and tears apart her opponents.
  • AKIHA TOHNO, who inflicts high damage on her opponents with her broader Arc Drive moves.
  • KOUMA KISHIMA is used for close-ranged attacks as he uses his fist. He has moon drive abilities. 
  • Characters Melty Blood Type Lumina showcased HISUI using dining room furniture to keep her opponents at a distance from her. She is a maid of Tohno.
  • KOHAKU is the second maid of Tohno. She drags her opponents in unbreakable chains. Her attacks include cactus, fireballs, a broom that drops bombs and jumping moves that damage the opponent’s lap. 
  • MIYAKO ARIMA is the younger sister of Shiki Tohno. She is a major character from Hana no Miyako. She has a bajiquan attacking style. 


There are 14 major fights in the game and a few minor battles included in the game to understand the Characters Melty Blood Type Lumina with their use of interactions, voice, and acting. Each character has unique powers and styles, and most of the characters are adapted from Tsukihime. The game will be interesting to play.

Which is your favourite Japanese game? Let us know about your views on the Characters  below.

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