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Here in this article, we will read about the novel Peak and its chapter Martial Peak 1540.

If you are a fan of anime, then you must have heard of Martial Peak. Though it is not an anime, many people confuse it with anime. Martial Peak is a Chinese fantasy online novel. This is one of the most-loved novels in China and has recently gained popularity in other countries, like the Philippines, Indonesia, the United States, Brazil, and India. 

In this article, we will talk about Martial Peak 1540, which has been released today. So read the whole article for full knowledge.

Details About Martial Peak:

Martial Peak is a Chinese novel that has been written by a Chinese writer named Momo. There are a total of 6009 chapters in this novel which are divided into 611 files. The novel was written originally in the Chinese language and is currently being translated by Divine Dao Library. 

The total number of chapters translated by Divine library till now is 2343. The story of this novel contains many emotions, and that is why this novel comes under as many genres like action, adventure, harem, martial arts, mature, and Xuanhuan. Martial Peak 1540 has been released today only, and already the fans of this web novel have become very excited to read the new chapter. 

About chapter 1 of Martial Peak:

In the first chapter of Martial Peak, Yang Kai, the main character, is seen sweeping the floor. He is getting trained at the High Heaven Pavilion. We see that Yang Kai has not been able to move to the next level due to a lack of skills while all his other disciples have moved up to the next level. 

In Martial Peak 1540, the story has advanced to a different level. But in the first chapter, it has been shown that the journey to Martial Peak is very harsh and lonely. Yang Kai has been shown as a fragile character initially, but as the story advances, a life-changing thing happens in his life, and his personality gets changed. 

This was a brief about chapter 1 so that even if you haven’t started reading the novel, and you can get the base of the story.

Martial Peak 1540:

The chapter starts with Yang Kai talking to Liang Yong. Lian Yong is an eighth rank disciple, and Lian Yong has been shown requesting something from Yang Kai. This chapter revolves mainly around Lian Yong only and his efforts. You can read the entire chapter of Martial Peak 1540 online and enjoy the story. 


Martial Peak is one of the longest and most loved web novels in China. But now it has also started gaining popularity in other parts of the world. In this article, we talked about Martial Peak 1540, which was released recently. If you have not yet started reading this novel, I recommend that you definitely should as it showcases a plethora  of emotions. And if you have any info related to Martial Peak, you can comment below. 

Are you a fan of the martial peak series? If yes, then tell us about your favorite part.

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