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Reading this blog will help you know the Better Dot Com, which is redirected to another site. Read their service details, legitimacy rate, reviews, etc.

If you’re also curious about this portal based in the United States and want to find out the website’s features, offers, or other general information, then you’ve opened the correct page.

Today we’re about to explore the Better Dot Com, which is redirected to With this blog, you can know what the site is about, legitimacy, reviews, specifications, and lots more facts. 

What is the site?

Previously mentioned that opened the page showing a different website, namely-, which is a software company site. offers services related to specific digital platforms for Inspection & Audit, Site Sensor, SSO & API, Tasks, Tickets, etc.

Additionally, according to, the authority also provides resolutions regarding the corporate operation, loss prevention methods, health & safety, and merchandising. Along with this, clients can also check if they are eligible for their service by checking Industry options.


  • Official Email Address: While checking the Better Dot Com, we discovered the link is redirected to The official email address of is
  • Official Contact Number: As per the official record, anyone in the United States & Canada can contact with the authority team via 1-888-414-5980.  
  • Location Details: 205-321, Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON-M4M-2S1
  • Security: The site is secured with an HTTPS connection; its server is located at the Amazon Data-Center. The site also uses the latest encryption technology to provide the best security to its clients.
  • Trust-Index Score: The Better Dot Com, which is a redirecting link of, has an 86% score. 
  • Free Trial Options: Yes, a free trial is available.
  • Cancellation Policy: After subscribing to the site, you are eligible to cancel it whenever you want without any penalty.
  • Social Media Connection: Yes, a strong connection has been detected.
  • Reviews: Reviews are unavailable; however, several reactions and testimonials are present.

Service Details:

  • It provides services covering all the industries like Construction, Retail, Hotel, Manufacturing, Pharmacy, Petroleum & Fuel, Restaurant, etc.
  • The service is mainly for the SSO, API, Site Sensor platforms, Inspection, audit platforms, etc.
  • The company also delivers several corporate solutions for loss prevention, merchandising, etc.

Is Better Dot Com legit?

Checking trustability is always essential for every website if you’re using it for the first time. Checking the legitimacy, we got, which ranks excellent on Trust-Index. It was established on 06/01/2000. Around 86 percent of the score has been gained to date. Plus, its strong link with social media adds more marks. 

On Twitter, and Facebook , it acquired several reactions, likes, and retweets. Moreover, some testimonials are also present stating how clients are satisfied with their services.

Final Verdict:

We hope the above article successfully delivers you the information you are seeking. Again we want to mention that Better Dot Com is a redirecting link of, and the blog has been written based on the data of Is there anything else you want to ask? Please mention below.

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