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Do you know how the Spotify app makes a playlist as per your preference? Please scroll down and read our Statsforspotify com article to learn more.

Are you a fan of listening to music while traveling or spending leisure time? If yes, you may be using music apps where you listen to songs online and install them as per your liking. 

As per the app user report, people from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and the United States have at least two mobile applications for audiobooks and songs. Therefore, we are today covering some essential details on Statsforspotify com. If you have interest in the same, then kindly continue perusing our today’s article.

What is Statsforspotify?

Statsforspotify is a website that allows you to segregate your listened music songs into a playlist as per your liking. After creating the song list, you can even get it for free. This website also has distinctive features that analyze your song listening habits and timings to create a customized song list. 

How to access Statsforspotify?

Since the website has SSL cyber security certificate and is approximately four months old, your browsing application must have JavaScript reading and enabling configuration for Statsforspotify com. If your JavaScript is not enabled, you cannot access the website.

Features of Statsforspotify:

Statsforspotify is a website that helps you create a song list as per your preferences. It asks you to login into your Spotify account or link the same with the website. After taking some minutes, the website analyzes your song listening and search history to create playlists. Below are some of the features of Statsforspotify:

  • You created charts: Switch between three distinct periods to see your most-heard music, artists, and genres. Every day, on average, your information is brought up to date.
  • Statsforspotify com compares your history: Directed by arrows, compare your current rating to your previous visit.
  • Playlists can be made: Make a playlist of your favorite songs from your Spotify library and listen to the songs right there in the app.
  • Played tracks in the last week: View the timestamps of the songs you have recently listened to.

Disclaimer by the website

Statsforspotify website has mentioned that it is not affiliated with the official Spotify application. It implies that Statsforspotify is an imitated website that only gives you services without association with the official application. 

How can your login into Statsforspotify com?

When you click on the login option, you are directed to the official Spotify website. Here, you have five options to login into your Spotify account. The options are listed as:

  • Login with Apple
  • Login with Email Address or Username
  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with Google
  • Login with Phone Number


We can understand the need for a song playlist when working, traveling or spending leisure time. However, we do not recommend you use any third-party website and hamper your cyber security only to create a favorable song list.

If you have any details on Statsforspotify com that indicate its association with the official Spotify app, please share them with us!

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