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The article aqui eu so trabalho com alta costura provides insights into the recent fashion event and information about the Brazilian model Anita.

Are you a fashion-loving person who loves to watch fashion programs? Are you aware of the famous fashion show known as Haute Couture? It is the focal point for creative design ideas, and even models from Brazil will showcase their skills. It is the place where only talent speaks. So, in this article, we will go over some interesting facts about Aqui EU So Trabalho Com Alta Costura.

The costura Alta

The terms “Aqui EU So Trabalho Com” means “I work only here” and “Alta Costura” means “haute couture,” so here in, the given sentence refers to the famous Brazilian model Anita Pozzo, who has gained significant fame for participating in the Haute couture program. 

She is a self-model who participated in the spring and summer collections. She is the model for the brand Chanel, and recently she participated in the Balenciaga haute couture show, wearing a silver grey shade dress with a black helmet, holding a black clutch, and wearing black high heels. So Anita Pozzo participated in the recent July event.

Aqui So Trabalho Com Alta Costura

This Term is trending online because of the haute couture fashion event. This event happens only in January and July, and the world’s most famous clothing brands will be part of this fashion event. 

The Haute Couture holds several different fashion events, and one among them was Balenciaga haute couture, where Anita, the Brazilian model, participated in the autumn/winter collections of 2022. She is nearly 5.11 feet tall with beautiful brown eyes and curly black hair. She has worked for many reputable modeling agencies like Women Management, Canvas Management, Munich Models, Scoop Models, etc.

The highlights

Aqui EU So Trabalho Com Alta Costura holds many fashion ideas, which happened recently. Anita Pozzo worked for Haute Couture. This fashion event takes place twice a year, spring/summer and autumn/winter, 

so some highlights from the latest event were, 

  • Daniel Roseberry’s collection for Schiaparelli
  • Iris Van’s collections
  • Maria’s collections and her inspiration from Ukrainian folk clothing
  • Virgine Viard works.
  • Demna gvasalia collections
  • Pierpaolo Piccioli’s menswear collections

These are the most trending picks for spring couture. The famous fashion brands participated are Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Givenchy, Dior, and Schiaparelli. Chanel is a permanent participant in the event.            

The fashion hub

The event Aqui EU So Trabalho Com Alta Costura is so popular that the looks go viral, and many actors and actresses choose their outfits from the haute couture shows. People who display their work are talented individuals, and their work will be well appreciated at this fashion event. But here is the mandatory rule: all parts should be handmade. The brands should fulfill the demands of the French federation of haute couture and fashion.


The French federation of haute couture is responsible for the fashion event. And the main reason for organizing this event is to preserve haute couture because it has French roots. 

Thus, the article Aqui EU So Trabalho Com Alta Costura provided information about the recent fashion event and the models participating. For more information.

Do you find this article interesting? Do comment your breath taking haute couture looks in the comment section.

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