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This article has mentioned the recent Doodle Codes World and information on how to redeem the codes.

How often do you play games online? What kind of games do you like? Is it an action-packed, adventurous game or shooting or fighting?

Have you ever tried playing doodle? Worldwide, the game is quite famous for its uniqueness. Doodle portrays an actual hand-drawn world, and the characters look like doodles. If you’ve ever played the game, you must know the importance of codes. Keep scrolling to get Doodle Codes World.

Recent Doodle Codes 

Codes are the ultimate solution to help the players advance in the Doodle Game and become a Doodle master. Many of the codes are given by YouTubers through a collaboration with game developers Doodle World Studios.

Some of the recent codes are:

  •   75KLikes(A Roulette Ticket released on Discord)
  •   SpoolCode(A Five Star Twigon released on Twitter)
  •   Rollette1(A Roulette Ticket)
  •   Rollette2(again, A Roulette Ticket)
  •   Awesome10K (A blue tinted misprint hidden trait Statikeet)
  •   ExtraReward (A Lesser Chain Ticket)

You can use the codes mentioned above and become a Doodle master who can do anything with the doodles they capture.

Doodle World Codes 2022

Following is the list of all the working codes of Doodle World.

  • wowcomeon ($15,000 in-game Cash)
  • TERRABL0X (0 is zero here, code for the Terra’s Requiem color)
  • GrayColor (Gray color in-game)
  • FreeCapsules (Redeem for Five Basic Capsules)
  • FreeGems (For 25 Gems)
  • FreeRosebug (Free Rosebug Doodle)
  • Welcome ($3,000 in-game Cash)
  • VREQUIEM (For Vizard’s Requiem title)

To redeem the respective YouTuber Title and Colour, the following codes will be helpful:

  • BerserkFan
  • SubToJerii
  • Existensy
  • Lucky
  • Fly
  • Wizard
  • Point
  • PokeNova
  • Joeblox
  • Dino
  • Armenti
  • GoggleGang
  • ItzSoara

We hope that our Roblox Doodle World Codes will help you out.

Redeem your codes on Doodle Game 

The game was created on 17th December 2014; the latest update was on 14th March 2020. You could guess the game’s popularity from the fact that more than 200 thousand people visited this game, as per Roblox.

To redeem the codes, firstly, you must click on ‘Menu’ at the left corner of the screen. In the radial menu, tap on ‘Special Shop/ Cash.’ Go to ‘Codes’ and enter the code in the text box. Finally, click on ‘Submit’ and claim your reward.

As per Doodle World Wiki, the code system in the game was officially released on 5th April 2022. You’ll find some expired codes and codes of content creators too. So, make sure you’re getting the right one!

Final Verdict

Summing up, we can say that the game Doodle World created by Doodle World Studios, is getting popular with time. The codes in the game will help you get free items and build a collection of your doodles.

You can redeem the codes mentioned above and claim your rewards as soon as possible. Remember to stay updated for new codes. Know More Here.

Did you find the codes you were looking for? Let us know in the comments section of Doodle Codes World.

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