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In this post, we are discussing Wanda Borges Coma fashion designing platform which is getting popular recently.

Are you searching for stores or platforms where you can find the perfect wedding dress? A forum is recently getting popular for providing the service. It is a massive issue for the bride to choose a dress that will look special, and countless choices are available. 

If you are from Brazil, we got a solution for you. A very famous fashion designer Wanda Borges provides well-designed dresses. Let us move further and learn more about Wanda Borges and her recently trending platform Wanda Borges Com

About Wanda Borges platform – 

As mentioned above, Wanda Borges is a fashion designer with a platform in her name and an offline office for the store. Wanda Borges provides designing and readymade bride wedding dresses of all kinds, and not only for the bride, but you will also get a variety of dresses to choose from for the groom. 

In the Wanda Borges store, you can get shoes, a dress for the groom and bride, a dress for the godmother and many other wearables. The wedding gowns you will see in this store are one of a kind, and you wouldn’t find them anywhere else.

Is Wanda Borges Com an online store? 

Many people are taking Wanda Borges as an online store, but that is not the case, and it is not an online store. On the official website of Wanda Borges, you can only find the sample of the dresses they offer to their customer, and there are only images. 

However, there is an offline store of Wanda Borges dresses which you can find at this address Alameda Tietê, 509 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo – SP, 01417-020, Brazil. So, if you like the design of the dresses and want to know more about Filha de Wanda Borges, you can check out the store physically. 

Overview of Wanda Borges website – 

There are a lot of factors a customer has to keep in mind before making a shopping decision. Below are statistics of the website of Wanda Borges to give you an idea of the legitimacy of the platform –

  • Website – http://wandaborges.com.br/
  • Domain age – Unknown. 
  • Domain expiration – Unknown. 
  • Trust score – 50% out of 100%. 
  • Website reviews – There are no reviews of the platform on the internet. 
  • Social media profiles – Instagram. 

There are no customer reviews for the platform, but you can find some reviews on the official Instagram profile and other social media profiles of Filha de Wanda Borges

Final Verdict – 

If you can’t get to the offline store of Wanda Borges, it is not the right place for you to look for a wedding dress. You can find many other and probably better online choices for your wedding dresses. However, there are many other platforms on the internet. Click here to see the official Instagram profile of Wanda Borges 

Have you been to the offline store Wanda Borges dresses? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below. Also, do share this Wanda Borges Com post to inform others.

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