Zara Fashion Co Scam (Sep) Let Us Consider The Reviews!

Zara Fashion Online Website Reviews

This Website is a complete insight into the updated wardrobe style fashion scams people and provides fake information on Zara Fashion Co Scam.

With a new collection in women’s clothing, many brands have launched their online websites. With running the business and safe operating products from the United States, websites are coming up with the latest worldwide and fashion catalogs for every section. Many online buyers want to know the legitimacy of such sites. 

Are you aware of more good fabric connections by Zara recently? If no! Don’t worry, read below.

Our experts have mentioned the Website that has brought up the latest fast and arrivals from all over the world by Zara Fashion Co Scam.

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Is Zara Fashion Co Legit

After rectifying specific points of the website reality, our experts have identified if the Website is legitimate. Some of the points are mentioned below:-

  • This E-Commerce platform is only 16 days old
  • The details of the owner are not transparent
  • The trust index and website ranking are shallow ( 1%)
  • The data on the platform is copied and full of spacing error
  • The products mentioned on the are fake
  • This portal has a quick expiry date of 11 September 2022.
  • The social media sites and email as well as a contact are blank and diverted to the other  Zara Fashion Co Reviews blank Page.
  • Most importantly, customers cannot figure out reviews as there is no trust pilot in text showing.

About Zara Fashion Co

Zara fashion Co is an online portal that sells products related to girl fashion. This Website was established in the United States, and serving in many countries day has a name of providing significant discounts and low price products with good quality fabric. 

This online Website provides all kinds of accessories, clothing, leather, latest arrivals, and stylish colorful patterns.

Products and Services 

This website soaps products like

  •  Tops 
  • Bottom
  •  Dresses 
  • Accessories
  •  Rompers 
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie 
  • Latest Design Dress
  • New Arrivals 
  • Website Age – The portal started preaching on 11 September 2021 as per Zara Fashion Co Reviews 
  • Domain Expiration date – The domain is registered till 11 September 2022 
  • Trust Score – As per our experts, this Website’s trust rank is 3.5/100.
  • Social media handles– No social media page.
  • Trust Index Rate–1%
  • Address of the Company- United States

Specification of https://zarafashion

  • Portal URL – 
  • Products – Women Clothing 
  • Company Address– united states
  • Phone number- 91845675647 
  • Email Id– support@zarafashion
  • Return or Refund Policy – 30 days return and 100 % refund policy
  • Offers- 75% – 85% discount
  • Domain Registration date- 11 September 2021
  • Shipping Duration- Not Mentioned 
  • Mode of Payment- Google Pay and a Credit card are only accepted as per Website 

Scroll for more information on identification of Legit sites and other specifications on Zara Fashion Co Scam?

Pros of Website 

  • The products on the portal are very decent and stylish
  • The Website provides huge discounts and low prices on every product
  • The fabric and quality mentioned on the product are acceptable

Cons of Website

  • This Website was created on 11 September 2021
  • This Website has nil activity on its social networking sites
  • There are no reviews on any of the products mentioned on the official Website 
  • The Website has a 3.5 trust rank out of 100 according to Alexa
  • The States the trust index to be 1% 
  • The product shipping and delivery charges are not specified. 

Zara Fashion Co Reviews

Reviews are an essential element for judging an E-Commerce platform that specially provides products all over the world. On this Website, girls’ outfits with the latest accessories, tops, bottoms, and other products are sold out. Many customers have faced the issue of feedback and witnessing genuine reviews on the product. 

Customers have also faced an issue of no customer service and blank meals and contact numbers on the Website. Our experts suggest not to visit such Websites and shops before verifying or Cross-checking them. 

If you are facing credit card fraud, read below on a website more.

Final Verdict

In the final verdict, experts would conclude that the Zara Fashion Co Scam site is not registered and have many issues like poor website ranking, low-quality rate, no high traffic generating user, astonishingly low prices, no social media networking sites, short surviving website age, and no authentic review. 

Export state users to be aware of such scam websites that steal your valuable money from Paypal scams

What is your recent purchase product from Zara Co? Comment your experience below

3 Comments on “Zara Fashion Co Scam (Sep) Let Us Consider The Reviews!”

  1. Hello
    My name is Maris, I live Estonia and I ordering, so no clothes and no money. I paid for my debit card to online.
    I have a screen picture on my ordering.
    I paid for nothing 44 euro. Yes, it not big but can anyone help me to get back this money or write how I can punished this people’s.
    I sent it they email, but they don’t answer my mail.
    Ou website don’t work.

    1. Hello! Thank you very much, Maris, for sparing time in sharing your experience with this online site here. Yes, together, we can keep each other alert, informed, and protected from online scams. You may report to your area cell to get your money back. Thank you! Have a Nice Day!

  2. Hi i ordered from the site and I ended up
    Only having to pay 13.99 for shipping and 7.00. Sucks knowing it was a scam but I’m just now worried since I paid for everything with my credit card if they have all my info.

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