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Victim of Credit Card Fraud? : Read Nation-Wise Guide!

Victim of Credit Card Fraud? : Read Nation-Wise Guide! >>  The write-up shares details about the credit card scams and how to get a refund after the fraud.

It is really bewildering to see unrecognized credit card charges or scams. However, disputing the false charges and questionable transactions is straightforward, especially when you know the methods and your rights. 

Not all consumer laws Worldwide are in your favor, but credit card companies generally have your back. If you see any unrecognized charges in your credit card statement, you must raise a dispute if the charges are without your consent.

There are many ways to complain and raise disputes for false credit card charges. But, you must opt for the suitable method to get the refund. Below is the helpful nation-wise guide on How To Get Money Back On Credit Card If Scammed.

What Can You Dispute?

You are eligible to dispute the credit card charges and ask for a refund for three critical reasons under the Fair Credit Billing Act:

  • Suppose if the online scammer or fraudsters charged a TV to your credit card, you might raise a dispute for the unauthorized purchase.
  • If the merchant or seller charged you twice or thrice for the same product, you can dispute the credit card charge and get the refund. 
  • If the purchased item arrived damaged or defective and the seller refuses to refund, you may dispute the particular purchase and get a refund for it.   

Filing a dispute is straightforward, but Worldwide consumers want to know Does Credit Card Refund Money If Scammed. Yes, credit card issuers refund money if scammed under certain circumstances. So, you must understand what can be refunded and what is not. 

What is not Refunded in Credit Card Scam?

You need to understand that not all credit card transactions are eligible for a refund. The credit card issuer does not refund certain transactions. So, you need to know which transactions are non-refundable before filing a dispute for a refund. 

  • If the return policy of the merchant is not met, you can’t dispute the transaction. So, you have to meet the merchant’s return and refund policy to raise a dispute and get a refund. It is the crucial step of How To Get Money Back On Credit Card If Scammed.
  • Credit card transactions have a time limitation to raise a dispute. The refund is only initiated when the consumer submits the disagreement within the time period. 
  • Consumers can’t raise a dispute and ask for a refund if they have shared their card details with others. 
  • If you have lost your credit card and not informed the issuer immediately, you may not be eligible for the refund if any transaction is made with your card in between.         

These are the things that make the consumer ineligible for the credit card refund.    

The Nation Wise Guide on How To Get Money Back On Credit Card If Scammed!

Before you file a dispute for online credit card fraud or scams, it is essential to know that the methods and eligibility criteria vary from nation to nation. So, here is the nation-wise helpful guide to file a dispute and get a refund for all credit card frauds. 


Approaching the merchant for the refund is the first step that consumers in Australia must take. However, it is not helpful when online fraudsters are scamming you. How To Get Money Back On Credit Card If Scammed in Australia?

  • Chargeback – It is the option that makes consumers eligible for a refund against credit card frauds. Consumers must approach the credit card issuer and file a chargeback within 45-120 days of the credit card transaction. 
  • AFCA – If the credit card issuer rejects your chargeback file for any unforeseen reason, you are eligible to file a dispute against the issuer or bank with the help of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.  


If you are in Canada and victimized by a credit card scam, follow the below guide on How To Get Money Back On Credit Card If Scammed

  • If you are scammed, you have the right to dispute the transaction, especially if the merchant is not responding to your request. 
  • You may also approach the credit card issuer to file the complaint or raise a dispute and provide them proof of the credit card scam. 
  • After filing the dispute, you have to wait until the request is authorized and you get the refund. 


In India, the Reserve Bank of India has set guidelines to prevent credit card frauds, and if you are victimized, you have the right to get a refund. Here is the guide on How To Get Money Back On Credit Card If Scammed in India.  

  • File an FIR (First Investigation Report) at the nearest police station and take a copy of the FIR with you to file a dispute at a bank or credit card issuer.
  • Based on the FIR, the issuer initiates a chargeback, and an investigation is started
  • After the investigation is over and the issuer checks the report, and if you are being victimized, you have the right to get the full refund for the credit card scam. 

The United States

In the United States, consumers first have to approach the merchant for the refund. But, it is not a helpful approach for credit card scams. Below is the guide on How To Get Money Back On Credit Card If Scammed in the USA.

  • If the merchant ignores you after raising a dispute for a scam, you must take proof of fraud and request a chargeback at the credit card issuer.  
  • After submitting the chargeback, you have to wait until the issuer respond
  • If your dispute is found valid, a refund is initiated, and it may take a few days or months to complete. 

The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, there is a Consumer Credit Act Law, Under Section 75, that protects the consumers during credit card frauds. Under section 75, card issuers are liable to refund the consumer if online scams or frauds are done with the consumers. 


The above guide on How To Get Money Back On Credit Card If Scammed will help you get the refund for credit card scams.  

However, you must apply for the dispute depending upon the scam and country you reside. You must put all your efforts into keeping your card details safe and protected. You must not share any details on unknown sources online. 

Every country has different procedures to file a dispute for credit card frauds and scams. However, the processes are lengthy, and hence you must try to do online transactions safely so that you never get victimized by such scams. 

Have you ever victimized by credit card frauds? Does Credit Card Refund Money If Scammed? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section.