What Time Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox {March} Know!

What Time Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox 2021

What Time Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox {March} Know! >> The write-up tells the online game lovers about the new feature of game before they start to play.

Do your kids love to play Roblox? If yes, you might get excited to hear that Roblox is coming with a voice chat feature. 

Roblox is a popular online game across the globe. The online game lovers of the United States are curious to know What Time Is Voice Chat Coming To RobloxThey can go through the content to get a better understanding of the news.

What is Roblox?

Roblox Corporation developed the game Roblox which got released first time on PC in 2006. This game is free to play, and till August 2020, it has achieved almost 164 million active players. 

This game allows players to create their matches and share them with others playing the game online

What do you understand by Roblox Voice Chat?

Roblox is coming with a new and exciting feature- Voice Chat. Adam Miller, Robolx’s Vice President, has announced that Roblox will be more attractive with this advanced feature. In response to the query What Time Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox, he could not confirm a date but mentioned that it is arriving shortly. 

The release date for Roblox voice chat

The organization for Roblox has not yet confirmed the release date for Roblox voice chat. The team has said that it can be a month or weeks, but it will happen soon. 

Safety concerns relating to Roblox voice chat

The team behind Roblox confirmed the arrival of Roblox Voice Chat in the future at the Investor Day Meeting on February 26, 2021. They have also mentioned that at present, almost 56 percent of the users of the game are under thirteen. Most of the parents are eager to know whether this voice chat ensures enough safety measures or not. 

While answering the question What Time Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox, the team also replied that this voice chat would be safe. However, they are unaware of the full safety measures until it launches in the market. The game developers have also mentioned that safety is their key concern. 

What did Adam Miller say about the safety concern?

Adam Miller has mentioned that the new voice chat for Roblox will obey all safety measures like the text communications at present. The team filters the text communications and block inappropriate messages. 

The Roblox developers aim is to friendly text communication and playing the game together. The Roblox’s Vice President also ensures that the team will take care of protective measures even for voice chats. 

Users’ views on What Time Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox

Roblox is extremely popular among the online game lovers of the United States. Mostly the kids under thirteen play this game. Hence the parents are curious about the safety measures of this new feature. 

Parents are worried that using the voice chat feature, the kids may get exposed to bad languages. However, the Vice President of Roblox has confirmed the safety of the Voice Chat. 


The Roblox developers are keen to make the game more advanced. The team of Roblox hopes that it will get more popularity with the voice chat feature. 

Do you know What Time Is Voice Chat Coming To RobloxHave you played Roblox? Please share your outlook in the comment box below.

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