Royal Mail Shipping Fee Scam (March) Know The Truth!

Royal Mail Shipping Fee Scam 2021

Royal Mail Shipping Fee Scam (March) Know The Truth! >> This article details the ongoing fraudulent scam and the ways to avoid falling prey to it.

Royal Mail Shipping Fee Scam has been doing rounds in the United Kingdom, leading the Humberside police to issue a beware warning to all customers. Many customers have fallen trap to the scam duping the public on the pretext of charging a shipping fee for delivering packages. While different royal mail scam keeps surfacing, this particular scam offers a potential danger for customers in the form of financial loss.

In this article, we have covered all the information about the scam and how to identify a possible scam mail. So please read the article carefully.

What is the Royal Mail Shipping Fee Scam?

The Humberside Police has raised vigilance to customers surrounding a potential mail scam that is doing rounds in the United Kingdom‘s Hull area. The Royal Mail Scam involves a text message sent to the users asking them to pay a shipping fee on the package to be delivered. Herein, customers are told to pay an outstanding delivery fee on their package, further asking them to click on the message’s link. The link takes the user to a fake site that can empty your bank account if added to it.

The Royal Mail Shipping Fee Scam was also reported on Twitter by a spokesperson on behalf of Humberside Police warning customers to not click on any link claiming to be sent from Royal Mail.

How does the scam work?

Over time Royal Mail has reported many scams relating to its unlawful indoctrination that encourage the recipients to go to the fake site created by scammers. The cases include telling the recipient that a courier or postman tried reaching an item. Furthermore, due to unavailability, the shipment was delivered to the wrong address and confirmed details by clicking on the link.

Similarly, the present Royal Mail Shipping Fee Scam asks the user to click on the link to pay a shipping fee, taking them to a fake site wherein the bank details get copied and thereby emptied.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed?

  • Avoid sending personal information, credit card, or security details by email.
  • Do not click on a link in any email you are unsure of, especially if they ask for your personal information to be added. It might lead to the installation of malware on your computer.
  • Add a spam filter to your account.

Final Verdict – Stay Vigilant, Avoid Getting Scammed

The Humberside Police has requested customers to be vigilant and informed about the Royal Mail Shipping Fee Scam and not click on any link on the text message claiming to be sent by Royal Mail. Besides, users who have been victims of the scam must report the crime to your local police station or call on 101. However, practicing vigilance is the best way to save oneself from fraudulent scams.

What are the ways of avoiding falling prey to scams? What are your views on the current Royal Mail Scam? Please do share your opinion in the comments box below.

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