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Truth Social Online website Reviews

This news writing will help you get every detail about Truth Social Reviews and learn why this platform was built.

Are you also coming across news related to Donald Trump getting banned from almost all the social media channels for many reasons? There is other news that gets popular across social media and news due to different reasons. 

Now on Wednesday, Donald Trump has announced that he is launching a new social media platform for everyone in the United States to other countries in the world to access and use this social media channel. Let us know more about Truth Social Reviews and other important details.

What is truly social?

Truth social is a social media platform made by Donald Trump. After Donald Trump got banned from Twitter due to violent acts near the white house and other violating tweets by Donald Trump on Twitter. Once he got banned, he was still not unbanned from Twitter even after a year. 

So, he has announced on Wednesday on 21-10-2021, that he will soon launch his own social media platform open for all around the world. Also, the channel will soon be live worldwide. Let us see Truth Social Reviews from different users.

Why is the platform built?

There are several reasons that Donald Trump has decided to launch his own social media platform. Recently news was also flashed around google that the platform had to be launched in the first week of October, but now news has flashed that the platform is hacked or facing some technical glitches, due to which the launch of truth social got postponed. 

He launched this channel because-

  • He got banned from Twitter and is still not unbanned after a long time of the incident. 
  • Due to these reasons, Truth Social Reviews is also becoming popular with the time.
  • He found this action from Twitter authorization is wrong and invalid. 
  • He even took many actions to restore his Twitter account earlier this month after filing a petition in court.
  • This social media is platform is built in association with the digital world acquisition group. 
  • After getting banned, he even started his blog and website to connect with the people. 
  • He even got barred from google, YouTube, and Facebook due to the violation at the warehouse after the elections in the United States

Reviews from people across the world-Truth Social Review

We have been using all the social media platforms for a long time. A new social media channel is exciting for everyone worldwide; every fan and person is waiting for the proper launch of the social media channel and uses them. 

We have seen multiple people talking about this new social media channel by Donald trump.

Final thoughts 

We know that recently Donald trump got banned from many popular social media, so now he is starting his truth social, a social media platform. People are giving exciting reviews on this platform. 

To read more about the social media channel, click on this link.  

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