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The article about Itch.IO Squid Game will tell you about the various games available on Itch.Io based on Netflix’s Squid game theme.

Have you heard about the Squid game? Have you watched Netflix’s Squid game yet? Squid games are everywhere, not only on Netflix but also in the gaming world like Roblox and Itch.Io. Squid games are getting popular, and players search for new free games based on the same theme.

Whether you live in the United States or Canada, Itch.Io provides you with a free platform for this game. Let us begin our discussion to know what Itch.IO Squid Game is and more in detail.

What is the Squid game?

It is a South Korean television series released on Netflix on September 17 2021. Basically, it is based on the survival drama where different players from deep debt backgrounds play a series of games.

The game is mainly based on the theme of children’s games and offers winning rewards worth 45.6 billion. But it is not so easy to survive, as each round is deadly, and players lose their lives as a penalty.

What is Itch.Io?

There is probably a chance you are not aware of Itch.Io. But with the Itch.IO Squid Game available for players, they eagerly start to search about it. Within no time, the Squid game became popular worldwide and gained the attention of the people. Various platforms like Itch.Io give a chance to developers to build the game on the same concept.

Itch.Io is a website launched back in 2013 which is open for digital creators to sell, host and install independent video games. So, it is a platform that gives developers control where they have limited time to create a game.

Further, they are able to set the price, and there is no approval process so that developers can earn money from the game.

Itch.IO Squid Game

There are many different versions based on different Squid games available on the Itch.Io website.

Squid Game: The Game:

The Game is a survival horror type of game genre based on Netflix’s series Squid Game. Here, in Itch.Io’s The Game, you meet a man in the subway who offers you extreme money. But you have to play and survive a few simple games.

The Game is currently available for Windows. The controls in The Game are WASD for movement, Space for Roll, Q for celebrating. In the recent update, they have added a quick setting menu and difficulty options.

Itch.IO Squid Game: Red Light, Green Light

If you have watched the series, then you must be aware of Red Light and Green Light. It is available for HTML and mobile platforms. If you are playing it online, you do not need to install anything.

The game rule is simple: when it is red light, you can move, but when the doll turns the head, you have to stop. Then, you can move again when it is green light again.

Squid Game 3D survival Runner:

It is an amazing 3D runner game where you focus on gameplay music and follow the instructions.


There are also other Itch.IO Squid Game such as SquidGame: fan made game, Squid game: Fangame, etc. Additionally, several other games are under development and soon to be released.

However, the main reason for the popularity of the Squid game is the powerful narratives, concept of the series, and character.

To install The Game, follow the instructions here .

So, which of the games do you think you will play now? Comment in the section below which game is best on the website Itch.Io.

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