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The article contains information about Trive Wordle and its hints. It has the correct answer to Wordle 396. Please read below.

Wordle’s explosion has arisen to a lot of users to get indulged in this game. Are you one of them? Have you tried playing this game? What is your liking of this game? It is like a boon in your free time when you can try the daily challenges in the game. This game has increased its fame in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India, etc. 

Since Trive Wordle is trending today and related to today’s Wordle, let us find out more about it. We shall discuss this and find the correct answer to this challenge. 

What is Wordle 396 answer? 

The basic Wordle consists of daily challenges you can play and win by guessing a simple word every day. This online puzzle game is super fun, and everyone loves playing it. People even search for the answers on the Internet. Similarly, Trive was misunderstood as the answer to Wordle 396.

The right answer to the Wordle 396 is Trite. But people were searching for Trive Definition. There is no such word, its seems similar as ‘Thrive’ which has the meaning – flourish. 

Hints to Wordle 396

If you are one of those who play Wordle daily challenges, we are here to help you with today’s challenge. Did you try to crack the game by yourself? We have a list of hints for you to help in solving the puzzle. 

  • The solution to the challenge contains a repeating alphabet. 
  • The word starts with the letter ‘T.’
  • There are two vowels in this word. 
  • The solution word is an adjective. 

Similarly, if you use all these hints in your daily challenge, you shall be able to win the challenge of Wordle 396 easily. 

Is Trive a Word and is it the right answer? 

If you are wondering about what is the right answer to Wordle 396 and if you are stuck with it, let us guide you through. Many people were confused with Trive as the answer to Wordle 396 though it is incorrect. The right answer is ‘TRITE’, and it sounds similar to Trive. 

Wordle Gameplay tips

Wordle is such a simple game to play, and you can win the daily challenges in it by simply keeping some particular things in consideration, which are as follows:

  • Keep in mind that the answers do not repeat. 
  • Look for the hints if you are unable to get the right answer; for, e.g. Trive Wordle was similar to the right answer, and it played a major role in getting to the right answer. 
  • Consider the colour of the blocks and the alphabet in them. 
  • Follow the rules and use common 5-letter words; use vowels in your guesses. 


The details mentioned in this article are about the Wordle 396, the hints to the puzzle, as well as the right answer. And we have also given the right answer in this article if you are unable to get it. People were confused with Trive Wordle, but now you can win the challenge easily. You can try this game online here

Do you enjoy playing Wordle games? Does this article help you? Please share with us how you like these articles. 

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