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Techfyp Com {July 2022} Apple Music Free Subscription!

The article discusses the significant elements of Techfyp com and tries to find its legitimacy. Read the article to know more.

Do you want to get free “Apple Music”? Are you interested in downloading the “I-phone” emoji for free? Now there is a mobile application that offers this kind of free version of services without any cost. The name of the website is “Techfyp”. 

Millions of iPhone users in the United States are using the application. But in the last few days, many users have been asking about the legitimacy of the mobile application. For the users, we are going to scrutinize Techfyp comWe need to check the matter seriously. 

Let’s Check the Website of Techfyp

We found some basic features of the website. The upcoming discussion will help you gain knowledge about the website.

  1. The name of the website is Techfyp. And the URL of the website is – https://www.techfyp.com/.
  2. The website only offers custom services to Apple phone users.
  3. The website’s essential usefulness is offering – a ringtone on the iPhone, a complete game and getting paid for playing the game.
  4. The users get to avail of any wi-fi password quickly via this website.

Techfyp com– Most Essential Elements

Now we need to check the essential facts of the website. For this reason, we use the source of trusted and validated internet links. The information will give an idea about the legitimacy of the website. 

  1. The creation date of the website is recent. The creation date is 1 March 2022. That means the website is just four months old. 
  2. Side by side, the expiry date is less than six months. The domain will expire on 1 March 2023. 
  3. We also check the owner names of the website. But our “Whois” searches find the owner’s name is hidden. 

Techfyp com– Check the Legitimacy Factors.

Let’s find out the legitimacy factors of the website. 

  1. The Trust score is one per cent. It is the worst score, raising the question of the website’s legitimacy. 
  2. On the official website, we don’t find any office address, contact data, or norms of services. It is absurd that the website denies all this information.
  3. The index trust factor is just 38.2 out of 100.
  4. We don’t find any HTTPS security protocols. It proves the use of the website is not secure.
  5. We have checked the popularity rank. The popularity rank of Techfyp com is deficient. The level is – 2959992. 

Why is the Website News Circulating? 

Many people are using the website and taking the services. But they don’t understand the website’s popularity or legitimacy. Millions of people are already downloading many things by using the website.


At last, we can say that the website gets suspicious activity near around 23 per cent. And all the other scores are also not giving any positive indication. Therefore, we suggest visiting the official Apple Music Store domain for more clear data and features. 

Hence, we can say Techfyp com has doubtful facts. Do you wish to add any other useful information for other readers’ convenience? Please comment below.

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