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Trime Wordle {July 2022} More About Puzzle Gameplay!

The article discusses the wrong conception of Trime Wordle and also finds the correct answer of Wordle briefly.

Are you know about a new type of Wordle game? In recent times many Wordle gamers are asking about the question. The question arises due to a word or answer confusion. Per our report on 20 July 2022, the answer of the Wordle is Trite. 

But many gamers find the word Worldwide as “Trime.” The phrase introduces confusion, and gamers don’t understand whether it is a new type of Wordle game or not. Let’s find the answer if Trime Wordle is a new game or not. We will discuss the matter in the light of validated internet sources. 

Is It a New Wordle Game? 

After the question is raised, we try to find out the fundamental matter of the game. As we all know, Wordle is a world-famous word puzzle game. Every day, the game offers a new word, and the players must guess the right one. 

As per the report, we have already mentioned that the 396 Wordle answer is Trite. That is not possible that there is another answer. It is also not true that another similar type of game has been introduced. 

Trime Game

As per our search, we don’t find any game like Trime. It is the word. And the word mistakenly came as Wordle answered. We need to find out the actual definition of the word first. 

As per the dictionary, we find the word is used as a noun. The time denotes the three-cent silver coin in the United States. The coin was used between 1851 to 1873. We try to find out the other synonyms of the word. But unfortunately, we don’t get any similar words from Trime. The word is not a game or doesn’t have any word game like Trime.

Trime Wordle

We already have described to you that there is no such game. But we need to clear your confusion, and for this reason, we need to guess the Wordle answer of 396. The Wordle answer of 20 July 2022 is Trite. Let’s find the definition of the word.

The word denotes a meaning which lacks freshness or originality. The word comes from the Latin word “Terere” or “Tritus”. Some other similar words are- banal, unoriginal, routine, hacky etc. The gamers need to guess the word using the rules and regulations of the game Wordle, not the Trime Game

Why is the Word Circulating? 

The word Trime is trending mistakenly. And for this reason, the gamers got confused. As per the answer, the Wordle answer is different. But sometimes, in a hurry, many gamers spell the guessing word differently. For this reason, we occasionally find another word. 


In recent times Wordle has been played by many word puzzle lovers. But sometimes, the word puzzle game offers such an uncommon word that the gamers don’t get the correct answer, or sometimes they choose the wrong word. At that point, the confusion is getting to a place like Trime Wordle

But no such game has been introduced in recent times. Besides this, if you want more data, you can check the link. What is your view on this word confusion? Comment, Please.

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