Crite Wordle {July 2022} Puzzle 396 Solution Hints!

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This article deeply discusses all the related details for the Crite Wordle, and Drite meaning with hints and answers for 396 wordle.

Do you know the game Wordle? Do you want to play Wordle whenever and wherever you want? Are you curious to learn Wordle’s daily words? Have you discovered Wordle’s current word?

We can all agree that each day brings a new word that makes this intriguing. Wordle can be centered on any element of your life, which makes it Worldwide popular. You might discover it one day based on your preferred subject. So, let’s join the forums and find the confusion regarding Crite Wordle.

Is Crite a Wordle? 

After research concerning this word Crite, we found that this word is confusing players in their 396th guess of Wordle. No word like Crite exists, but after matching it with all the hints, the players discovered this word and assumed it was the word for the 396th day of Wordle. 

But with disappointment, we are clarifying here in this article that Crite is no word and the answer for the 396th Wordle is “Trite.” Many Players guessed it as Drite. Is it so? Let’s see whether they were right or wrong. 

What is Drite Definition? 

After the Player’s choice of Crite, considering the hints for 396th Wordle, we know that it isn’t the word for yesterday’s Wordle. Drite is another choice of players, so we are curious to check the definition of Drite. No explanation or substance is found for Drite in any dictionary. 

But we have discovered an amazing fact about Drite: it is a verb that can be described as to, defecate or the act of defecating. But unfortunately, in this regard, the answer to, Is Drite a Word is a big no! So, let us see the meaning of Drite. 

What are the hints for the 396th Wordle?

After seeing the amount of confusion among the players considering yesterday’s Wordle, so, we are presenting clear hints for players below- 

  • The Wordle of the day has two vowels E and I. 
  • T is the first letter of the 396th Wordle.
  • In Wordle number 396th, one letter is repeated.
  • The word is an adjective in nature. 

So, we would not leave our readers assuming this or that. Here we will provide a clear answer, and that is TRITE. 

Why is Crite Wordle Trending? 

According to our research, most players liked to go with Crite as the answer to yesterday’s Wordle. But many of them were confused with Drite. Indeed the confusion speaks itself that yesterday’s word is not a common word. 

After guessing the word, people are curious to know whether it was correctly guessed. Just for that, they visited different websites to cross-check their answers and made it trendy among the searches.  


Ending the article with a clear and straight answer for confusion connected with Crite Wordle that it a wrong guess and the correct word is already mentioned in the hint section of this article.  

Comment below your position about yesterday’s Wordle. Did you guess it right? Or were you among the confused team? 

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