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Starbucks Veritas Blend {Oct} Read Its Complete Details!

The following article shares a lot of information on Starbucks Veritas Blend and will help you to know more about such blends.

Do you like to visit cafes and relax there while having your food and leave all the problems behind? People nowadays are fond of beverages, fast food and to fulfil their desire they visit cafes, hotels, restaurants. One such brand in Canada, United States, is the most recognisable brand worldwide. Starbucks is known by every person who loves to have coffee. It is the most popular coffee chain in the whole world.

But have you heard about Starbucks Veritas Blend? So to know more about this blend, please read the complete article.

Origination of Starbucks

  • Starbucks, a well-known coffee chain, opened on March 30, 1971, in Seattle, Washington. The brand was founded by three business partners Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin and Zev Siegl.
  • By the year 1992, Starbucks had 140 outlets, with revenue generated from US $1.3 million in 1987 to US $73.5 million in 1992. And now they have outlets in every corner of the world.
  • They offer different varieties of coffee beans, pastries, beverages etc. But the blends like Starbucks Veritas Blend are loved and admired by many out there.
  • In 2021, due to Covid -19 pandemic in the world, the company closed 400 of its destinations in the US and Canada and asked to reduce rents due to a decrease in sales.

What is Veritas Blend?

Veritas in Latin stands for ‘truth’. This blend is basically a blend of three rums which includes:

  • Coffey column still rum
  • Rum from Foursquare in Barbados named the couple-year-old pot still rum.
  • Hampden’s in Jamaica rum named double retort pot still rum.

This blend is well known and also owned by the Starbucks brand, popularly named Starbucks Veritas Blend.

There are many brands besides Starbucks that use this blend in their beverages according to the taste and preferences of the customer.

Many bloggers reviewed this rum on many social media platforms on the basis of tastes, quantity and quality and price. There are many websites and stores that offer these rums with different flavours like the flavour of green banana, liquorice root and pineapple. In a world where white rums are preferred, Veritas proved to be a game-changer and blended and distilled without any additions.

What is Starbucks Veritas Blend?

Starbucks is a popular brand that offers different varieties of coffee as per the preferences and tastes of customers. It offers different coffee with several blends.

Veritas Blend avoids any additions and is blended and distilled. This blend is preferred by people who love the taste of vanilla fudge, pineapple and are fond of the aroma of lemon cream, green ape etc.


Summing up the content, we gathered and shared a lot of information on Veritas Blend and how they are used by famous brands like Starbucks Veritas Blend. People may like beverages of different blends available on the menu of the restaurants and hotels.

What are your views on Veritas Blend? Please share with us in the comment section.

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