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This article describes the revolutionary scenario that is taking place in the workforce post lockdown. Read on Get a Better One and How to Quit Your Job.

Are you frustrated and disappointed with your current job? Are you looking for another job alternative? If yes, you are not alone; millions of Americans have already made this huge decision of quitting their job.

The effect of the pandemic and the lockdown for a longer period have given the United States employees enough time to think about job satisfaction and the quality of life. Read this article completely to understand more about Get a Better One and How to Quit Your Job.

About the Current Job Situation 

This current scenario of people quitting their jobs is highly related to the “Great Resignation,” also popularly known as “Big Quit”. This initiative started during the spring of 2021. The lockdown period gave people enough time off their work to evaluate their current living conditions.

As per the study of Adobe, this new revolution is highly driven by Generation Z and Millennials. Job dissatisfaction and the negative effects on work-life balance are the major reasons. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.9% of the employees or around 4.3 million US citizens have quit their jobs.

Get a Better One and How to Quit Your Job

  • According to the Work Trend Index by Microsoft, more than forty percent of the employees globally are planning to quit their job in 2021.
  • This statistics shows the extreme dissatisfaction of the employees towards the job they are currently at.
  • The data and statistics are not only for the base level employees but also for the high-level executives. 
  • Many would like to take a break from their current job and think about what to do in the future.
  • More people got the courage to take the risk and give a try for things they are highly passionate about.

Real-Life Examples

  • People started to think about Get a Better One and How to Quit Your Job seriously during the lockdown period. They understood the importance of spending quality time with their family.
  • 38-year-old Jason Lewis took a nine-month-long break from his job starting in November 2018. He held a prestigious post of an account manager at a billion-dollar company. He had dissatisfaction with the company policies. He took his time to develop his hip-hop artistic skills.
  • A 30-year-old Corina Plitt, a mother to two kids also left her job as an operations manager after her daily work went above eleven hours. She was able to take that bold decision on Get a Better One and How to Quit Your Job, as she saved enough for an emergency like this.
  • Bogdan Zlatkov from California took more than fourteen months to switch his career from videography to content marketing. He used his savings for survival, and after that, he worked part-time for Uber to pay his bills. He believes it’s a risk worth taking.


Staying on an unsatisfied and soul-crushing job can affect a person’s mental health and the quality of life badly. To know more about the topic, please visit this link .

Have you tried to change or quit your current job as discussed on Get a Better One and How to Quit Your Job? If so, kindly comment below your thoughts.

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