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Spiderhead Wiki has shared details of science thrillers like review, storyline, rating and cast that premiered on 11th June 2022.

Are you planning to watch the latest release of Joseph Kosinski and searching for its reviews and rating? It’s always better to watch the reviews and rating of the movie as the audience gets aware of the plot and the storyline. Its Kosinski second movie after Top Gun Maverick and audiences Worldwide have not had expectations from Spiderhead.

This movie first premiered on 11th June in Sydney and was later released on Netflix streaming channel for online audience. Spiderhead Wiki has discussed this movie in detail and also shared its reviews and rating on different platforms.

Spiderhead a “Science Fiction Thriller”:

The story of the thriller is based in a prison, where most of the prisoners are wearing casual dress and roam around freely. The jail has a look of a test lab rather than a prison and it deals with trial tests on inmates of jail.

Chris Hemsworth has played the character of Steve Abnesti, a scientist looking to test his drug’s effect on different prisoners in jail. Steve was able to find a scapegoat to test his drug on Jeff, a character played by Miles Tiller. 

Spiderhead Imdb:

The Imdb rating gives an impression that this movie is rated well below Top Gun Maverick. The April release of Kosinski got an Imdb rating of 8.6 out of 10 from 174,723 votes. The Imdb rating for Spiderhead has 5.4 rating out of 10 from 15,008 votes, so this movie has failed miserably to win the appreciation of viewers.

The main actor of the movie Chris Hemsworth has 47 credit rating on Imdb while Miller Tiller has 35 credits to his name. It appears that this movie has been rated 5 by people across the age and around 1700 American users have given the story from Escape From Spiderhead a 5.6 rating. This movie took almost ten years to complete and customer feedback is rating it as an average movie.

Cast and Crew of Spiderhead Movie:

This movie has Chris Hemsworth and Miller Tiler as two main cast, both the actors have done well this summer. We have listed some of the important cast names along with the character names played by them below.

  • Chris Hemsworth –  Steve Abnesti
  • Miller Tiller – Jeff
  • Tess Haubrich – Heather
  • Jurnee Smollett – Lizzy
  • Daniel Reader – Ryan
  • Nathan Jones – Rogan

The film is directed by Joseph Kosinski while screenplay is done by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. 

Chris Hemsworth Spiderhead Rotten Tomatoes Rating:

Spiderhead can be called as one of the worst rated movies of Chris Hemsworth on Rotten Tomatoes.  At the time of the writing Spiderhead has a rating of 44% on Rotten Tomatoes from 103 votes, which is quite disappointing for the actor of Chris fame. Chris’ other movie Thor: Ragnarok got a rating of around 93% while his 203 movie Rush got a rating of 89%.  

Final verdict:

As per the initial reports and rating Spiderhead is struggling to cheer its audience on the box office and movie goers have given it an average rating.  

Almost all the Spiderhead Review has given the thriller an average rating and after a week’s run the movie failed to cheer either critics or the audience on screens. Have you watched this movie? People having watched this movie can share its experience in the comment section.

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