Bloat Wordle {June 2022} Is This The Correct Answer?

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The article gives a straight idea about Bloat Wordle and discusses the methods to guess the right word that is gloat. 

Do you like the word puzzle game? Do you play the Wordle game? Recently the world famous word puzzle game is offering the excellent guessing word to gamers. Every day the players of the Wordle game need to guess the five-letter word. 

Many gamers from Australia and the United Kingdom also want to know the Wordle answer of 21 June. But they got confused by the Wordle answer number 367 (21 June 2022). Besides this, we also need to discuss Bloat Wordle. Let’s straightforwardly discuss the matter. 

How Do You Relate Bloat with Wordle 367? 

The “Gloat” is actually the answer of Wordle number 367. It is the wordle answer for 21 June 2022. For this reason, many word game lovers from the United States and Canada are confused when they hear about Bloat. 

Some gamers thought it was a different type of Wordle game. But actually, it is the answer of the Wordle number 367. Many people also try to find out the word in different ways. But the facts and information indicate the Wordle answer of 21 June 2022. Now we need to focus on the matter. 

Bloat Definition

Now we need to find out the definition of “Bloat”. Besides this, we also know the meaning of Gloat. Many gamers in India want to know both words. Find out the sense in the description. 

  • Meaning of Gloat: As per the “Merriam Webster”, the meaning of Gloat stands to observe something or think about something. 
  • Definition of Bloat: To the “Macmillan Dictionary”, the word means swollen and uncomfortable for some reasons. 

From the above discussion, we understand the answer that 21 June 2022 should not be “Bloat”. It should be “Gloat”. 

Bloat Wordle– How to Guess the Answer? 

We have already cleared the answer. The answer is Gloat. You need to guess the answer by playing the game. 

  1. You need to guess the five letters and have five chances to guess the word. 
  2. The first letter is “G”, and the last is “T”. Guess the word. 
  3. The third letter is “O”, and the fourth is “A”. 
  4. When you put the correct letter, it shows you the green colour for right guessing. The colour will show yellow if the guessing is correct, but the position is incorrect. For the wrong guessing, it shows the colour grey. 

It is not a Bloat Game. The Wordle answer of 367 is Gloat. 

Why is the News Trending?

In recent times, millions of players play world games every day. Each day, Wordle is given a new guessing word. But daily, the word puzzle game is becoming so harsh for the players. 

Sometimes the gamers don’t understand the word and get a little confused. The players guess many words on the wordle platform. For this reason, the game is trendy daily, and many people want to know the answer. 


Hope from the above discussion you understand Bloat Wordle is the wrong conceptionIt is the wrong answer and not any different wordle game. The answer is Gloat. All the data is given above from useful internet sources. You can also check the link to know more. What was your Wordle guess for today? Please comment.

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