Ps4 Update Error SU-42481-9 (April) How To Fix It?

Ps4 Update Error SU-42481-9 2021

Ps4 Update Error SU-42481-9 (April) How To Fix It? >> The write-up shares details about the common error on PS4 and the fixes.

PS4 users experience an error code SU-42481-9 when attempting to download and install the new updates on the gaming console. The error message was first registered back in mid of 2018, and it is still persistent, and users in the United States are finding a permanent remedy to it. 

The PS officials have confirmed the error message caused due to updates on the Twitter handle. They have also shared some effective tips with users which are not proven effective.

Below is the quick rundown of the solutions that can help you overcome Ps4 Update Error SU-42481-9.

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What Causes the SU-42481-9 Update Error?

The error code starts appearing when the United States users attempt updating the gaming device or trying to develop connection between device and PSN network. There are many underlying causes of the Ps4 Error SU-42481-9, and some of the major reasons for the error are:

  • Temporary Files are Corrupt – When the gaming console is filled with temporary files that are corrupt, it prevents the console from updating precisely, and it causes the error.
  • Corrupt Updating Files – If the files are in corrupt state in the update, they can’t get installed aptly, and it causes the Ps4 Update Error SU-42481-9
  • Background Functions – In some cases, the background functions and applications prevent the update from working as intended, and it causes the error code issue in the gaming console. 
  • If there is any glitch in the gaming console, it may also cause the error when updating it with the new files. 

Before you access the remedies for this error code, you must have the PSN credentials handy with you to enter the credentials whenever asked. You also need to remove all the discs from the gaming console to make the solutions work for you and remove the error.     

What are the Solutions for Ps4 Update Error SU-42481-9?

1st Solution – Power Cycling the Gaming Console

In most cases, the gaming console’s error state is easily resolved with power cycling the gaming device. It is the helpful process of shutting down the console completely and ensuring the power drains off. It compels the gaming device to regenerate all configurations before reboot.  

  • Power down the console by pressing power button available in the front panel of the device and switch it off manually 
  • As the console shuts down completely, unplug the console from the power outlet
  • Now keep pressing power button for a few seconds say 30 seconds to ensure all power drains out
  • Please wait for 5 minutes until it sits idle and put back all wires into socket and turn on the console

2nd Solution – Using Safe-Mode for Updating

If 1st solution doesn’t work for you in fixing the Ps4 Update Error SU-42481-9, you may update the device via safe mode. A safe mode in PS4 is the function for carrying out the basic operations for fixing the error codes. 

  • Keep pressing the power switch until the indicator blinks for few seconds
  • Turn off the console while holding the power switch until two beeps are heard
  • Now develop connection for the controller using the USB cable
  • Keep pressing the PS button given, the controller has
  • The console will start in safe mode 
  • Choose “Update System Software” and click the “continue” button 
  • As it complete downloading, restart the console, and the issue gets resolved 


The Ps4 Error SU-42481-9 is common, and there is nothing to get panic about when you see such an error. You may follow the steps mentioned above to get the Ps4 Update Error SU-42481-9 fixed.

Have you encountered such an error on your PS4 console? Please share your tips to fix the error in the comment section.

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