Hitbtc Scam Email {April} Read To Know The Email Fact?

Hitbtc Scam Email 2021

Hitbtc Scam Email {April} Read To Know The Email Fact?>> Please go through the further article to know about the hit bc email and know whether it is a scam.

Have you ever heard about the Hitbtc Scam Email? Do you want to know in detail about it? Then, you are reading the right article. This article will give you a judgment about the hitbtc email and also about the legitimacy of it. People in the United States had been complaining about this scam notification that they were receiving. So, be in this article till the end to get the detailed information about it and also about it.

About Hitbtc Scam Email.

HitBTC is one of the first Crypto-currency exchanges. Its trade volume has been significant enough in the world. It has come as notification on people’s devices in which it has been mentioned that they had been logged in to the HitBTC, but they had not logged in at all. People of the United States are worried about whether their email ID has been hacked or what will be the reason behind it?

People were getting the mail from the address that is ask@hitbtc.com; they had been worried about Hitbtc Scam Email and this whole scene. Let us check the detailed information about it, whether it is a scam or the main reason behind it?  

Is hitbtc email a scam?

HitBTC has been reported as a scam by the co-intelligence. The trust score of hitbtc.com is just 1%, which shows that it is a scam. The site was set up several years ago, but there are mainly negative reviews about this website. However, the SSL certificate of this website is valid. And the domain age has been nine years from now.

There is also some information available about how to avoid it. You can prevent phishing emails by checking the website and the URL age and containing an SSL certificate, and more.

People views: Hitbtc Scam Email.

According to people who had received this email, they were getting a notification about the logged-in permission from the HitBTC. Also, they had not logged in at all on their own. There are so many views available online in which people had complained even through the screenshots of the email they had received.

People had been worried about whether the email ID had been hacked or it is a scam. It is likely to be a phishing link and contains an unsubscribe link at the end but does not work.


According to the information available about the Hitbtc Scam Emailit is be concluded that HitBTC is an old cryptocurrency exchange. Still, the website has also been shown as a scam as available online. And also, there are so many negative reviews available about it online. This information as a whole shows that the website can be a scam. The email is received from this URL can also be a scam.

Have you received identical mail like this? Please share your views with us in the comment section below.

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