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PrimeXBT iOS App Online Reviews

PrimeXBT iOS App – The evolution of trading systems has come a long way. At one point, prices were drawn across graphs by hand with each new passing trading session’s data filled in. The tedious process was revolutionized when the digital age came around, and the point and click trading we see today emerged.

Over the last decade, however, what was once the cutting edge of the trading floor, is now everywhere. Because of the proliferation of online trading platforms, it is the extra aspects of the experience – the trading instruments, the innovative features, or the mobile app – that makes all the difference.

That’s why it is worth reading up on how the all-new native PrimeXBT iOS app is another competitive advantage for those wanting to trade oil, gold, Bitcoin, stock indices, forex, and more, all while on the go, from a single account.

The Evolution of Trading

We have already introduced the earliest concepts of handwritten technical analysis, and how that eventually evolved into a massive industry with contributions from experts, who have created technical indicators that make signals and confirmations much easier to read and understand.

These tools once took powerful charting software specifically designed for traders that would click and drag charts to review historical performance data and compare against current market price action.

Today, they’re offered for free as a part of native mobile applications that can be added in a tap. Rather than clicking and dragging, traders now gesture with something as simple as a swipe. 

This also means that the experience must be well designed, fluid, and respond to the simplest of touches. There is no room for error or margin for mistakes to be made when money is on the line. The look and feel has to be designed for a mobile first setting, but retain certain aspects of the regular browser experience in the native app setting. 

The PrimeXBT App Revolution

PrimeXBT’s native iOS app is the perfect example of such an evolution. The trading platform has been redefined for mobile devices, rendering faster than any mobile browser can and doing so much more smoothly than any page load.

The result is the fastest and most fluid trading experience around. Swiping back and forth between tabs and sections is easy, satisfying to the touch, and brings users to each area of interest with the PrimeXBT account dashboard.

New app users are guided through a registration process, or must log into an existing account. After that, innovative authentication solutions are offered that are exclusive to the native iOS app, which includes Face ID, and Touch ID integration.

Once logged in, users are directed to a short tutorial, then a home section which includes access to depositing BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC for margin accounts. Portfolio performance information is offered with all relevant data such as PnL, margin allocation, and more.

How Trading And Traders Has Gone Global

Markets have gone global, and traders have also. Because of the pandemic, people are less tied to their desks and offices, making mobile trading more necessary than ever before. There is also an explosion in online trading for this very reason, as the savviest of people search for alternative revenue streams online while they work remotely from home.

PrimeXBT lets traders from all around the world, no matter where they are or what they are doing, access all of the major, minor, and cross pair forex currencies, most popular stock indices, commodities, and crypto, all from a single account. 

Traders can long and short all of these markets, including seven recently listed altcoins: Dogecoin, Cardano, Uniswap, XRP, Polkadot, Solana, and Chainlink. These assets join Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more on the digital asset side. 

Traditional assets offered range across the Nasdaq, oil, natural gas, gold, silver, and so much more. 

Covesting Features At Launch And On The Way

Monitoring a portfolio as a strategy manager or follower is also possible, but for now, that’s where the Covesting part of the PrimeXBT experience stops. In the future, all available features and benefits will be offered, which include creating a new strategy, starting and stopping new followings, COV token staking, and much more.

Users will also eventually be given access to Covesting yield accounts, which can deliver up to a 10% APY on staking idle crypto assets stored in a secure PrimeXBT account wallet. The yield generating tool connects to top DeFi protocols like Uniswap and Yearn.Finance, but without all the technical requirements or connecting to dapps.

Covesting features will be added in future updates. PrimeXBT also promises that an Android version is in development.

Rate The App, Report Bugs, Win Up To $10,000 In Prizes

The all-new native PrimeXBT iOS app is now live on the app store, and available for immediate download. PrimeXBT is inviting all users to rate the app with five stars and join in on a bug bounty program geared toward fixing any issues and making a better experience for all, but also to reward users who are contributing to that.

The bug bounty program offers up to $10,000 in rewards depending on the severity of the bug reported, and when it was reported and in what order. For example, if you’re the fifth person to report the same bug, there isn’t going to be a reward. But if you find an experience-breaking bug, you can earn a share of the massive prize pool.

It also confirms PrimeXBT’s commitment to the community and to the app itself, which represents the same quality standards as the browser experience that traders have come to swear by. These same traders now have one of the most powerful tools to access global markets, no matter where they go.

Download the app here, or check out the PrimeXBT blog for a walkthrough of the app and a deeper explanation of all the included features. Further information on the bug bounty program is also offered at the blog post on the topic.

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