Pinay Flix Squid Game (Nov 2022) Know The Gameplay Here!

Gaming Tips Pinay Flix Squid Game

The write-up below shares that the Pinay Flix Squid Game is finally out for the online gamers to play and enjoy. Please click on this post to learn more.

Are you aware that the Squid game is now available in the Pinay Flix version? Since the squid game movie made a box-office in the theatres, its Pinay version is finally out for everyone to install and play. If you are excited to learn more details about it, you can continue reading this post. 

The Pinay version game is currently launched in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States and France. You can Google search the “Pinay Flix Squid Game” keyword to find the game link and start playing the game. 

What is Pinay Flix version?

Many famous mobile games are generally made in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, a Filipino creator designed Squid Game with different gaming articles and accessories. Many worldwide have already started installing and playing the Filipino-based Squid Game to win exciting prizes and rewards. 

More Details:

“Squid Game,” Netflix’s most-watched program of all time, might it be played in the United States and the Philippines?

A social media post from Netflix Philippines included many games from Squid Game- a Korean thriller with customary Filipino games, including Pinay Flix Squid Game.

‘Squid Game, but make it Filipino,’ said the caption. Surviving Korean serial “Squid Game” is about individuals competing in a series of hazardous games for a large reward. Among the Korean games compared to the traditional Filipino games in the post are:

  • Ddakji is Pogs
  • Greenlight and Red light are Pepsi 7-Up
  • Marbles are Jolen
  • Stepping Stones are Step-Yes, Step- No
  • Squid Game is Patintero
  • Tug-of-war remains the same

Those above are the significant details that every player must understand before playing the game. 

Users’ Reaction on Pinay Flix Squid Game

On Facebook, the post has received 16,000 likes and 4,400 shares. 9,300 emojis of laughter, 4,300 likes, and 2,500 love emoticons were sent out in response. Commenters from the Philippines were just as enthusiastic about the program as those from the rest of the world.

Other Filipino games were proposed as alternatives to Netflix’s offerings. Laughing emojis were used in one user’s comment, “Kung Bang Sak, kaya gawin literal.”

Others pointed out the “honeycomb” challenge on social media, which was not mentioned in the piece. To win the game, participants must carve off a honeycomb disc into various forms.

Take of famous personalities on Squid Game Movie and Pinay Flix Squid Game

A few Filipinos on TikTok came up with lists of classic Pinoy games that they thought might come in handy in an emergency. A Pinoy squid game designer named Wacky recommended Pinoy squid games include Langit Lupa, Bang-Sak, Dodge Ball, Honeycomb Relay, Hampas Palayok, and Sungka.

As per the streaming rating agency FlixPatrol, “Squid Game” topped the Netflix ratings worldwide and in the US on September 27. According to Bloomberg, this is a first for a Korean program.


As per the gamers, the Pinay Flix Squid Game is quite easy and adventurous to play. You can also play it in multiplayer mode. Nonetheless, you can share more details about this new game in the comment section that is all yours to write. Your comments may help other people to find missing details in their minds. 

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