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Priceshooter Com Reviews {Nov} Is This A Legit Site

We bring to you extensively consolidated facts unavailable elsewhere in this Priceshooter com Reviews to check if it Is Scam or Legit.

Are you looking to buy household electronic items in the United Kingdom? Did you know that Priceshooter’s ISP was identified for hosting several low-reviewed and rated websites? Did you know Priceshooter’s has a low Tranco traffic rank? Let’s explore more about Priceshooter.com in this Priceshooter com Reviews to check if it Is Scam or Legit.

A brief of Priceshooter com Reviews:

Priceshooter is an old website selling electronic and electrical items. Eurodekor Ltd, which was incorporated in mid-2017, owns Priceshooter. Priceshooter excluded its mission statement.

Priceshooter sells:

  1. Air Fryers,
  2. Fridge, 
  3. Freezers,
  4. Boat Engines,
  5. Gaming Chairs,
  6. Laptops,
  7. Lawn Tractors,
  8. Mobile Phones,
  9. Washing machines, and
  10. Сhairs.


  • Buy household electronics at: https://priceshooter.com.
  • Price: between £21.00 to £7,411.00.
  • Head office Address: 15 Carlisle Rd,London,England-NW90HD; a genuine address.
  • Trading Address: Unit#7,The Mead Business Centre,#176-178 Berkhampstead Road,Chesham-HP53EE, a genuine address.
  • Company number: 15144216, incorporated on 18th/September/2023.
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back and 24-month guarantee. 
  • Delivery Policy: Orders are delivered within 3-5 days. Faulty items must be refused at delivery; a negative highlight to check Is Priceshooter Limited Scam or Legit.
  • Privacy policy: Mentioned clearly on Priceshooter.
  • Email address: sales-team@priceshooter.com, a genuine business email.
  • Shipping Policy: Priceshooter takes 2-3 days to process an order. Local pickup is offered at Priceshooter’s trading center.
  • Tracking: Not possible at Priceshooter.
  • Terms and Conditions: Mentioned clearly on Priceshooter.
  • Return Policy: Priceshooter allows 14-days to return items. Users need to contact customer service to collect the items (or) arrange for a return to the trading address at their own cost.
  • Exchanges: Not supported by Priceshooter.
  • Restocking fee: No fee.
  • Mode of Payment: In GBP via GooglePay/ApplePay/MasterCard/Visa.
  • Newsletters: Published by Priceshooter; a positive highlight in Priceshooter com Reviews.
  • FAQ: Not present on Priceshooter.
  • Contact person/Phone (or) WhatsApp numbers: 07308234496 and 07443881686 are the contact numbers.
  • Traffic: Priceshooter has an average of zero visitors monthly, yielding a $0 traffic value.
  • Performance: Priceshooter has a slow load speed of 4.93 seconds of load time, 72% C-performance grade, and a landing page size of 1.6 MB.
  • Warranty/Carrier details/Cancellation Policy/Cancellation fee/Refunds Policy/Refund timeline/Mode of refund/Store locations/Cookies Policy: Unspecified.


  • Vast collections of products in all categories
  • Friendly UI of Priceshooter with searching, filtering, and categorization
  • Detailed product specifications and images are included
  • 24-Hrs of chat support is offered
  • Free shipment is provided on all items


  • Priceshooter allows ordering 1,000,000 quantities of the same item
  • Discounts and offers are not present on Priceshooter
  • Priceshooter ships within the UK

Is Priceshooter Limited Scam or Legit?

  • Priceshooter Creation: 13th/September/2021.
  • Priceshooter Age: 2-years, 1-months and 21-days old.
  • Priceshooter Last updated on: 2nd/September/2023.
  • Priceshooter Expiry: 13th/September/2024.
  • Priceshooter life expectancy: expires within 10-months and 11-days.
  • Business ranking: 50.6%↑.
  • Trust Index: 67%↑.
  • Domain Authority: 1/100↓.
  • Alexa Rank: 0%↓.
  • Place of origin: USA.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 31%↑.
  • Threat Profile: 18%↑.
  • Phishing Score: 13%↑.
  • Malware Score: 18%↑.
  • Spam Score: 1%↓.
  • ISP: Namecheap Inc.
  • Registrar: GoDaddy.com LLC.
  • Connection Security: Priceshooter uses a secured HTTPS protocol.
  • SSL Status: Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for the next 307-days.
  • Status of Blacklisting: Priceshooter is not blacklisted; considered in Priceshooter com Reviews.
  • Servers: Priceshooter relays its services using server serial# 7d5b5126b476ba11db74160bbc530da7 and 3972443af922b751d7d36c10dd313595 targeting dns1.namecheaphosting.com( and dns2.namecheaphosting.com( located in the USA. However, Priceshooter appears to be using a hosting provider with a dubious reputation.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact: Andrzej Poznanski (a 40-year-old Polish, born in January/1983) is the Director. His correspondence address is #8 Carlisle Road,London,England-NW90HD. His contact number and email are censored using the paid privacy services of Domains By Proxy LLC.
  • Backlinks: One, including one DoFollow link.

Customers Reviews:

Priceshooter does not support product reviews. No individual reviews or ratings for Priceshooter were present on customer review websites. Click here to learn about PayPal fraud, as nine websites and three YouTube Priceshooter com Reviews suggest that Priceshooter has small risks. 

Social media links and relationships: 

  • Priceshooter does not support blogging.
  • Priceshooter.com is not present on social media.
  • Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/WhatsApp/LinkedIn links on Priceshooter are meant to share product pages on social media.


Priceshooter.com is not fully legitimate due to no reviews available online. Click here to learn about credit card fraud, as Priceshooter’s registration will expire in less than 11-months. Priceshooter has a moderate risk due to average trust and business index, and considerable phishing, threat, and malware scores. Click here to learn about phishing. So, we are not recommending this site. 

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