Oviicha Reviews (March) Is It a Legit Online Store?

Oviicha Reviews 2021

Oviicha Reviews (March) Is It a Legit Online Store? >> Read this article which gives you a detailed overview of the e-commerce website selling apparel and household supplies which seems to be a scam.

Do you prefer shopping by using your laptop or mobile? Are you a window shopper? Online shopping seems better than any other way to you. 

Beware! This will help you by keeping you well versed with the facts of how you can save yourself from being caught up in fraud. Scammers could be in various forms. 

Their primary purpose is to steal your data and money. Today this article is concerned with – Oviicha Reviews. Nowadays, scamming websites are mushrooming very speedily. 

The website we’ll be reviewing today is based in the United States. The scammers are way more dangerous. With time they are getting smarter. They put their bait as an image of the beautiful website. 

The trend of scamming around is, unfortunately, increasing substantially. They do not just take your money. They, at many times, take your personal information like contact details, account details, etc

These frauds are getting dangerous over time, and we want to save you from that. In case of avoiding fraud, you need to read our – Oviicha Reviews. The said website will give you an option to buy both clothes as well as your household supplies.

Keep reading to know more about the website.

What is Oviicha?

Oviicha is a prevalently used window shopping portal. They offer a wide range of products. The claims of the company say that they are providing you with the best quality of the products. 

They have some of their specialties in some categories, guaranteeing the quality before purchasing. It is quite amusing. Let us tell you more about it. Keep reading about – Oviicha Reviews

The brand has a provision of live calls with specific GMT for their customers. They have a wide range of products, from apparel to even those cute soft beds for your dear pets. 

The team offers some unique qualities in their most famous sports tops, swimsuits, and even shoes. They claim affordable prices for their products and the fastest shipping, and they provide free shipping worldwide when your product reaches more than 2kg.

Specification of Oviicha-

This section will be giving you the details and specifications of the website, and the most important facts are mentioned in – Oviicha Reviews.

  •   Website Link- https://www.oviicha.com/
  •   Products Offered – they offer products varying among apparels, household necessities to shoes
  •   Creation Date- 02.October.2020, 5 months old
  •   Email address: 2853105182@qq.com
  •   Shipping – The shipment occurs between 1-5 days. International delivery may vary from 5-35 days ( charges may apply according to delivery)
  • Cancellation- Yes, there is a provision for cancellation.
  •  Return/Exchange: The period for that is approx. 2 weeks
  •  Warranty- not given.
  •  Refund- The process completes in not more than 14 days
  •   Address- not mentioned.
  •  Payment method- The method of payment is PayPal

 Advantages presented –

  •  According to Oviicha Reviews – they give free delivery across the world on orders above 2 kg.
  •  They are providing a wide variety of products in an affordable range.
  •   The company is offering PayPal as a method, which is entirely secure.


  •  The trust index of the company is low, with just 2%.
  •   Website is only five months old.
  •   International delivery takes 35 days.
  •  The address of the company is nowhere mentioned.

 Whether Oviicha is Legitimate or Scam –

  • Domain age – the domain is created five months ago.
  • Confidence index- the index is shallow, just being 2%
  • Content Originality – we found 93% of its content plagiarized.
  • Customer Reviews: Found on a negative rating scale.
  • Contact details (Phone number) it was nowhere found on the portal.

 Oviicha Reviews – Customer’s point of view

After researching through the internet, no customer reviews have been found.

Final verdict

After observing the site so near, the verdict on Oviicha finds it to be a scam. Based on missing relevant information presenting it too good trust.

They don’t even have customer reviews to show the authenticity of the site. The domain age is not too old. It is quite visible with the facts presented that Oviicha is not a legit website. 

According to Oviicha Reviews the site is not advisable to use as it may cause harm to and your money. Even your personal information can be misplaced. 

The whole idea of a review is to keep you safe in the accelerating trend of fraud. Hoping the article helps you in identifying whether it is legit or a scam. Unless any relevant information is visible, it is preferred not to use this website for your shopping purposes.

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