Banni Jewelry Reviews (April) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Banni Jewelry Reviews (April) Is It A Scam Or Legit 2021

Banni Jewelry Reviews (April) Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> This write-up solely mentions all possible rules to aware customers afore buying the products online. 

Are you bored with your daily fashion statement or jewelry? If you want something trendy to add to your attire, Banni Jewelry can give you that flare. 

It is just one year that Banni has stepped into the fashion industry. It offers elegant jewelry made of unique designs. 

Women of the United States are curious to know about this brand. Our unbiased Banni Jewelry Reviews help all styles of women to have a better understanding of the company. 

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What do you know about Banni?

Banni Jewelry got inaugurated on 23-12-2019, intending to make women delighted with unique fashionable jewelry. Banni has emerged as a one-stop destination for a chic necklace, earrings, rings, and bracelets. 

The brand ensures to offer jewelry made of recycled material. These materials are eco-friendly, and the company provides the warranty for every piece of jewelry.

What is recycled metal?

Banni uses gold as the recycled metal. They melt down the metal and reuse it in designing fashionable jewelry. This recycling process is not like scrap recycling, and hence Banni reuses it in making trendy necklaces, earrings, and rings. Banni Jewelry Reviews mentions that these reused metals are eco-friendly.

What types of jewelry does Banni offer?

Banni offers modish jewelry that enable ladies to add a new fashion statement to their daily attire. Women can search the portal of the company to check the lovely collection of the brand. 

  • Necklace – Banni offers a wide range of necklaces made with unique designs, and ladies can pair them with any outfit. They can choose necklaces among the designs like Mateus, Rose sun, Jasmine, Waterdrop, Emelie, Lola, Circle, and Lock. 
  • Earrings – Banni offers earrings of unique designs like GIGI, pearl, TALIA, MILA, ABBIE, MAGDA, and Flat Pearl.
  • Rings – Ladies often like to wear sleek rings to flaunt their fingers. Banni Jewelry Reviews shares various types of Banni rings such as Chunky chain, AIDA, Ophelia, Selena, Penelope, Twisted, and Tosh.
  • Bracelets – Banni presents unique bracelets made of recycled materials. Ladies can select the best among MILA, MICHELLE, TONI, and LOLA bracelets.

Specification of products

  • Product Type – Necklace
  • Brand – Banni
  • Length of the chain – 18”.
  • The material used – Made with recycled material.
  • Price – $75

Why does Banni prefer recycled material? 

Banni has taken the initiative to make designer jewelry of recycled metals. They prefer it because gold mining contaminated the natural and leaves scars on the landscape. Gold mining contaminates drinking water too. Hence, as per Banni Jewelry Reviews, we found the reason behind making jewelry of recycled material. 

Pros of Banni Jewelries

  • Banni offers jewelry made of recycled metals, and hence these are eco-friendly.
  • Customers can avail of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets of fashionable designs.
  • The company offers jewelry at an affordable price.
  • Customers can contact the company via mail id 
  • The company offers free shipping if you order above $50.

Cons of Banni Jewelries

  • We don’t get any customer reviews on Facebook.
  • No customer reviews are also available on other recognized portals to justify the efficacy of the product.

Is Banni Jewelries legit?

Women of the United States need to check Banni Jewelry Reviews and other factors to check its legitimacy. We have found the following factors while checking the legality of the company.

  • Banni JewThe is one year old, and its website got registered on 23-12-2019.
  • The website has achieved a trust score of 45%.
  • The portal does not come with an address and phone number.
  • The products are not available on other reputed online portals.
  • The products do not come with any customer reviews on Facebook.
  • Every product has got a five-star mark on the portal, but it does not prove the legitimacy of the brand.

What do customers find in Banni Jewelry Reviews?

The brand, Banni, does not come with any customer reviews. We have to check Facebook but don’t find any review. Customers will also not find proper reviews on any online portal.

Due to the absence of authenticating reviews, we are unable to check the efficiency of the product. 

Final Verdict

Banni Jewelries has emerged with unique collections of fashionable ornaments. The team has made an excellent effort to design jewelry with recycled metals. Unfortunately, we don’t find reviews about the products. Hence we cannot mention the jewelry’s efficacy and suggest customer’s research well before buying any product.

Do you love the designs of Banni Jewelries? Do you find Banni Jewelry Reviews helpful? Please share your outlook in the box mentioned here.

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