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Nintendo Switch Servers Down {Dec} Check If Resolved Now

We have discussed the Nintendo Switch and why Nintendo Switch Servers Down for a while in this post.

Is your Nintendo server down? Do you want to know why the Nintendo server was down? If yes, then tune into the post for more. 

Nintendo went down for some reason. As per reports, there was a server outage, and people in the United States want to know more about what happened. So, in this post, we will discuss Nintendo Switch Servers Down

About Nintendo 

Nintendo, based in Kyoto, Japan, is a worldwide consumer electronics & video game corporation. Fusajiro Yamauchi started the firm in 1889 to make handcrafted Hanafuda playing cards. Nintendo released its first video game system in 1977 after obtaining legal standing as a public corporation under the present corporate name. 

Nintendo is responsible for some of the most popular video game platforms, including the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Switch. Mario, Pokémon, Kirby, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, and Super Smash Bros are just a few of the many famous brands Nintendo has produced. 

Before knowing more about Nintendo Switch Servers Down, let us learn more about Nintendo Switch. 

About Nintendo Switch 

The Nintendo Switch is a Nintendo game console released internationally on 3rd March 2017, in most territories. The tablet can be used as a gaming device or handheld device, making Nintendo Switch a hybrid console. Its Joy-Con devices are wireless and have regular buttons & directional analog sticks for input.

The Nintendo Switch competes against Microsoft’s Xbox One & Sony’s PlayStation 4. Approximately 3 million Nintendo Switch consoles were supplied during the first month, above Nintendo’s initial prediction of two million, more than 14 million devices were sold globally within a year after release.

About Nintendo Switch Servers Down

Connection issues are presently affecting Nintendo’s service online for the Switch, preventing gamers from playing online and using the eShop to purchase things. A statement has been posted on the company’s official website as well as on Twitter.

Nintendo explained that all Nintendo Switch network services are now unavailable. They have apologized for the inconvenience and requested their users to wait until the repair is completed.

After many hours of outage, Nintendo again provided a statement apologizing to users for the unavailability of network services like Nintendo Switch for the time being. They further explained that repair works were currently in progress. 

Nintendo Switch Servers Down is connected to Amazon’s current web service failures, which the company has confirmed. Amazon Web Services mentioned that the US-EAST-1 area is having API and console difficulties, and they are working on resolving the issue. 

Nintendo isn’t the only one affected, with the outage hitting Disney, PUBG & Riot, as well as titles like League of Legends & Destiny 2. 

Currently, the outage is over. Nintendo tweeted that the server outage on the Nintendo Switch had been fixed.


The Nintendo Switch server was down for a while. Currently, the issue is resolved, and the server is back online. Visit this News website to know more.  

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