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We are covering some details on Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees news to give you a glimpse of the current situation. If you are interested, read our article.

How would you feel when your boss suddenly fires you for no reason in a virtual meeting? It may be as frustrating and heart-breaking as living in an unemployment or standby mode. We wish that nobody ever experiences such a situation in their life.

However, the United States is currently in shock as a company’s CEO has recently fired his 900 employees over a three-minute online meeting. If you want to know what happened during this meeting, you must read our “Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees” article until we say our final words.

What is it about?

For more than two years, the world has faced the wrath of Coronavirus that halted all nations and businesses. Nonetheless, people expected some great news in 2021 after the restrictions were lifted from working from the office and using public transport.  

The worldwide historic situation made no buzz for an Indian CEO, who runs a business in the United States, to fire his employees in a few minutes. He invited his company’s employees to join a Zoom meeting and immediately announced how he is firing 900 employees- effective after the meeting is over.  

Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees– More Details!

When the CEO announced his final decision to fire employees during a short online meeting, his employees first thought that he must be fooling them. However, this was not the case here! The young CEO of Better(dot)com, Vishal Garg, was serious and asked the employees to wait for an official email containing fired people’s names.

How did this news come into the limelight?

If you were in that meeting and fired without citing any performance reason, you must also be curious to make your boss famous. Is it not true? Many of the employees were agitated after the news “Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees” came up in the Zoom meeting. 

Some of them took out their mobile phones, opened the camera application, and recorded the short meeting. Once they realized that the news was true and 900 employees were immediately fired, they released the video on social media platforms.

How are the employees taking the news?

Many of the fired employees are devastated by the news. They are constantly trying to make sense of Vishal Garg’s firing 900 employees at once. Some of them are even protesting against the decision in the hope of getting their jobs back. 

While commenting on Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees, one person said that the company had earned a good turnover after the lockdown. If the company continues working and implementing improvisations, it does not need to fire anyone.

As per the finance report, the company, Better(dot)com  is trying to save money for its future. It has fired less than 10% of its employees, which is justifiable if the company makes decisions for its future.


The majority of the details and employees’ sentiments related to the news are illustrated in this article. According to us, every story or news has two sides. Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees is nothing but a tale to remember where 900 people’s lives were not considered before a company’s future. What is your take on this? Write it in the comments.

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