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Novels include numerous chapters which take readers to a news story. Each chapter turns into a different suspense. Do you love Martial Peak? People from various countries like Indonesia and the United States are huge fans of this Comic series. You might have read this novel and are willing to know more about it.

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Introduction to Martial Peak

There are various heart-touching novel series, and Martial Peak is one of them. Momo wrote it. It is a Chinese novel series that has 6009 chapters in total. This novel is based on various genres like Xuanhuan, Martial arts, Action, Harem, Mature.

Martial Peak was ranked in the top 10 most read novels in china. It was in top place in June charts 2014 with 50 million views. It has reached a wide number of people since its release. Not only in China, but people from other countries have also drawn their attention towards this Novel. Martial Peak 1919 is one of the interesting chapters discussed below.

Brief on Martial Peak

Martial Peak journey is Solitary, Lonely and for the long term. You must survive and have to be stubborn to succeed in the journey. Disciples of Sky Tower are tested in a harsh way to make them prepare for the journey. The strongest one could conquer the hurdles and reach the Peak.

The story began when a boy, Yang Kai, a sweeper, got a black book Which gave him the path to the Peak of the martial world. Yang Kai is the main character of Martial Peak. He held the status of a servant until he met his fortune, which changed his life and took him to the World of Martial Peak.

Martial Peak 1919

  • Betrothal Gifts is the title of Chapter 1919 of Martial Peaks. The chapter began when Ai ou was eagerly waiting for the gift from Yang kai.
  • Yang Kai comes out with everything extraordinary. So it was expected that the gift would also be something different and interesting.
  • Ai Ou lost all interest when he was confirmed that the gift was a Secret Art. The Secret art is Known as The Star Refining Art!, Said Yang Kai.
  • Later, Ai Ou was amazed by the mysterious Secret art, which was in the form of a stone tablet.
  • In the last part of Martial Peak 1919, Ai Ou was seen rushing and told Yang Kai to follow him. However, Yang Kai was not aware of where they were going.


Many of you might have read this chapter, but a few of them may not. If you haven’t read the chapter yet, you can get a synopsis from this article. Martial Peak is one of the popular Chinese novels available in the English language. Visit this site to know more about Martial Peak

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