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This article, in essence, will tell you about the story of Martial Peak 1793 and its recent update.Kindly read and share.

This story is about a tree, an eternal tree appropriated by Guang and Zi Long (purple dragon). A drop of liquid from that tree can make a man undying. Although at that time, Zi long was the only person who was able to talk with the ghost ancestor. Yang kai was the old master of the old immortal tree. The story of Martial peak 1793 has become popular Worldwide from this story. 

How many of you know such stories? Please inform us about them, and let’s dive into this wonderful fiction which you will not forget forever. 

What is it about? 

It is also a novel, and it became famous after some time this story appeared in some films and games. It is a unique novel, this novel has 6009 chapters in it, and according to us, it makes it more unique than other stories. Ni Guang returned to the Yang kai, but he was unfamiliar with him. 

The story of Martial Peak 1793 is like Yang kai returned from the realm, and he sent the third person and returned from the realm that impact was not good for him. He has brought some puppets from the realm. The tree’s leaf can make anyone eternal. 

Journey and family

Yang Kai had eight wives, and they accompanied him, and they helped him defeat a powerful innate territory lord. Yang kai has also adopted a dragon’s son Zhu Yan. He has traveled with him for so many days, but he could not notice anything about him; they have no transparency between them. We believe this is useful information for Martial Peak 1793. Ni Guang surprisingly thought that why is he crazy for those seven radiant colors. They had only managed to make a house for puppets, and their name was a purple star, Heng Luo. 

Those puppets could not handle the power of seven radiant lights, and they also had to fight with each other. The reason behind the fight with each other is the radiant light suppression. 

The seven-colored radiant light’s exposure was very explosive and powerful. 

Recent News on Martial Peak 1793

A new chapter has been added by manga clash 

So many chapters have been added recently, like chapters 1790, 1788,1789, and 1787 and many more chapters are here. 

Martial peak manhua was released in 2015, and it has remained top in the top till now. 


In this story, the person has faced so many problems in his life, and he also wants to live forever or want to become eternal; he found a tree and the seven colors of radiant light, which were very strong. 

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